Friday 24th of March 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

Vivienne Taa

Vivienne Taa is a leading fashion house renowned for bold, edgy and glamorous bespoke pieces, occasion and bridal wear, custom-made-uniforms and ready to wear clothing. Our unique designs intricately blend African prints with contemporary fabric of different colours and textures to create beautifully styled exotic clothes and accessories for fashion lovers both men and women with a discerning eye.

​Our Clothes
All our outfits are produced from the finest quality fabrics and are impeccably finished with unrivaled fit. We strive to ensure that there is an exquisite Vivienne Taa piece for every occasion, guaranteed to ensure you always make a fashion statement.

Whether you’re dressing up for the office, a night out, the weekend, a wedding or a special occasion, you can count on us to produce an outfit that makes you look the part.

​Our Inspiration
Our designs draw inspiration from African culture, music, art and way of life. We are set apart by our extraordinary workmanship, innovation and meticulous attention to detail.

Our Commitment
Vivienne Taa is fully committed to providing decent employment and promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth for all. We work with local skilled artisans in the production of all our clothes and accessories.

Responsible consumption and production are also a key priority in our garment construction process.

Contact Us
0733 848436
E-mail: sales@viviennetaa.com
Five Star Road, South C, Nairobi, Kenya

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Odaomo “Luxury Design For Global Citizen “

“Luxury Design for Global Citizens”

Odaomo was conceived by Kenyan native, designer and CEO Dr. Sophia Aomo Omoro, the sixth of eight children born to a seamstress mother and postal worker father. The brand derives from a childhood interest in sketching designs to express her individuality among similarly clad sisters and an innate desire to support her community.

At 16, Sophia Omoro left Kenya and traveled to Canada to continue her education that inevitably led to Tulane University for her MD and PhD. In 2014, then medical colleague and now odAOMO business partner, Amy Trainor, supported Dr. Omoro’s creative-outlet-turned-design-brand and together debuted the line in a local fashion show followed by a successful trunk show in New Orleans, LA. The overwhelmingly positive response led to the label’s flagship store in August of that year on Chartres Street in the historic French Quarter.

A truly unique brand, odAOMO produces garments and accessories from eco-friendly materials in Kenya. The leather, hide, shell, snake and fish skin goods are constructed of food byproducts and found materials so no lives are harmed for fashion. The fine silks, cashmere blends and cottons used are sourced from an independent Kenyan textile distribution, run by two young Kenyan women. The African textiles are collected throughout the Continent. Each piece is handcrafted and produced in limited batches creating an exclusive and organically nuanced line.

Where some philanthropic entities choose to focus on charity, odAOMO and Dr. Omoro empower through opportunity. odAOMO employs a small team in Kenya with fair wages– Douglas, the label’s leather craftsman, and Valentine, the primary jeweler—that have a profound economic impact on their respective villages.

“I would like to bring to light this wealth in material and human resources, and show the world that wonderful things can come out of this continent and country. Wonderful, beautiful things, made with love, and by human hands.” –Dr. Sophia Aomo Omoro
Born and raised in the Greater New Orleans Region, Amy Trainor was introduced to high fashion by her interest in friend and medical colleague Sophie’s wardrobe and styling. When she discovered Dr. Omoro’s clothing were her own original designs and the breadth of her collection, she saw the potential and dedicated herself to planning the launch event that led to the creation of odAOMO. Amy has continued commitment and presently acts as Operations Manager for the brand. In her spare time, she works out, travels, spends quality time with her husband and three sons, and enjoys her home on the water.

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