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Top 10 Best Beauty Spa In Kenya 

No one know exactly where the word spa comes from, but there are two main theories. The first, and most popular, is that spa is an acronym for the Latin phrase salus per aquae or “health through water.”

Others believe the origin of the word “spa” comes from the Belgian town of Spa, known since Roman times for its baths. They speculate that the town was so prominent that the very word spa became synonymous in the English language with a place to be restored and pampered.Modern spas have their roots in the ancient towns famed for the healing powers of their mineral waters and hot springs.

Hot springs were used by indigenous peoples, and the practice of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters dates at least to Greeks.  For the Romans, the baths were a place not just for cleansing, but for socializing, a tradition that spread to the east and transformed to the Middle Eastern hammam.

Here are Some of the best Spa in Kenya

    1. Serenity Spa
    2. Revitalize Wellness Center
    3. Saffron Day Spa & Salon
    4. Aromatics Spa
    5. Mombasa Day Spa & Hair Lounge
    6. Entim Sidai Wellness Sanctuary
    7. Villa Rosa Kempinski Spa Nairobi
    8. Angsana Spa Sankara  Nairobi
    9. Tulia Spa Sarova WhiteSands
    10. Devarana Spa Nairobi

  1. About Serenity Spa Gigiri

Serenity Spa mission is to enhance interconnectedness of Body, Mind & Soul by creating a refreshing, rejuvenating and rebalanced atmosphere to all our clients through the use of world class products and provision of top notch services by our highly trained and professional therapists and ensuring high customer service is given to all our clients creating a totally memorable experience.​​​​​​​

Founded in 2013, Serenity Spa takes pride in our goal to give our customers a great deal of hair and spa services leaving them refreshed, rejuvenated and rebalanced. Our highly trained and professional staff members are devoted to providing a friendly atmosphere as well as an incomparable genuine service, using the most exquisite products and working extremely hard at being the best by upgrading our skills and learning new techniques to serve you with our finest.

2. About Revitalize Wellness Center 

Revitalize wellness centre is a state of art facility offering Fitness, Meditation & Yoga classes, Luxurious Spa treatment, Salon services, and Café. We provide the support and services you need to achieve your health goals. We use products that are clinically proven & scientifically tested, and pure essential

Make a healthy exercise regime for a positive change in your lifestyle, be part of our gym client and fitness classes. Yoga & Meditation. Greater balance, inner calm, and mind-body health. Get daily instruction in our yoga and meditation classes. Spa Experince . Designed to respect the body’s

3. About Saffron Day Spa & Salon

Saffron Day Spa & Salon provides a comforting, yet stimulating environment, where you can relax both your mind & body.

Let’s face it, with the hectic and stressful lives we lead today, it is extremely important that we block some time-off our busy schedules every week to enjoy some ‘me time’ where we can rest, relax and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls. So this season we unveil our newest partners, the amazing Saffron Day Spa and Salon, offering an extensive range of holistic, therapeutic and grooming treatments that will have you glowing in no time, not only making you look good, but most importantly, feeling good too.

Relax, unwind and detox like never before. Bring your skin back to life; choose from either a basic facial or one of the signature facials including Hydrate Marula & Rose, Nourish Jasmine & Baobab, Balancing Rose & Neroli and Pure For Men. Facial scrubs include: Soothing Ethiopian Coffee, Balance & Tone Tea & Rose, Lighten & Tighten Coconut Scrub. If you fancy a body wrap, your options include Detox, Sugarcane & Syrup, and Relax. Enjoy differently timed massage services including Express, Target Area, Frozen Shoulders, Holistic, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Prenatal

4. About Aromatics Spa

Aromatics Spa is a space where tranquility prevails. A place where therapies from the East and West blend harmoniously and time stands still allowing a sense of deep relaxation to wash over you. Engulfed in a haven of serenity you soon forget the stresses and strains of life. Aromatics Spa’s tranquil, meditative setting allows you to journey towards well-being and relaxation. Gentle music and low lighting and herbal tea infusions allow your mind to float, your body lets go, Peace engulfs your entire being. Allow yourself to restore balance to your body, mind and soul through a variety of services designed to focus on your overall well being.

5. About Mombasa Day Spa & Hair Lounge

Mombasa Day Spa and Hair Lounge offers a range of services facilitated by our dedicated team of stylists and spa professionals. Allow them to give you a full service to create a winning hair design and memorable spa experience.

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