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Deflowering A Virgin

Sex Guru knows that deflowering a virgin isn’t an easy thing. Of course, this can only happen after consent from both parties before any sexual activity.

A virgin is a person that doesn’t have any sexual experience. Deflowering a virgin means giving a woman her first sexual experience. If you make it enjoyable for her, then you’ll have her begging for more. However, if you leave her wondering whether orgasms only belong in fiction then, you might never see her again.

So, your Sex Guru has put together tips on deflowering a virgin:



It always starts and ends with consent. Since it’s her first time make sure,  she understands that sex is on the table. Let them decide if they want to share their first time with you or not. If she says yes, then find out about her boundaries. Let her lead. So, she feels safe with you.



Set the mood right just for her. Some ladies want rose petals and wine, while others ladies want vodka shots and chocolates. So get a few of her favourite things, so she’s excited. Make sure there’s music in the background so that she can loosen up, naturally. You can do a shared activity that has touching but in a non-sexual way like, cooking together or dancing together. Then, when the moment’s right, kiss her slowly and pull her in close.



You can’t set the perfect mood without foreplay. Foreplay makes her sexually aroused emotionally and physically, plus it builds intimacy. It’s also a chance for her to get comfortable with your naked body if she’s never seen it before. Take a shower together and let her discover your body at her own pace.  It’ll amaze and arouse her. 

Later, you can massage her body slowly with baby oil. Make sure that you touch her all over till her body starts bending towards and she starts moaning slowly. Those slow moans where she bits into her pillow and body writhes in ecstasy. Take your time on your her.

The more you loosen her up than, the less painful it’ll be on her.



Make sure that you have protection on hand. You don’t want to ruin the tempo by having to rush out to buy condoms. As a usual check, the expiry date and have more than one.



Don’t make it too serious on her and let her have fun because she’ll never have another first time. Take it slow on her and pay attention to her body and breathing. Stop if it’s too painful on her. Speed it up if that’s what she wants. Let her control the pace. 

Alternatively, let her sit on top so that she has total control over depth and pace. It will make it easier for her to discover if she likes deep, slow strokes or shallow, fast strokes to get her there. Understand that she might not orgasm but let her enjoy the journey.

If she’s adventurous, show her how you like to be touched, then watch her masturbate and take notes.



After the session, cuddle her, let her feel safe as she shares her thoughts with you. Remind her that you still care about her.

Looking For The Perfect Sex Toy

Looking for the perfect sex toy isn’t easy but necessary in this never-ending lockdown. It’s always there whenever you need a pick-me-up or, it’s a long, lonely night because your loved one is in lockdown three counties away. Don’t die thirsty.

Sex Guru wants to introduce you to the world of sex toys so you can pick the perfect sex toy. Never leave your orgasms to chance.


The anal area is super sensitive and, anal plugs can help you orgasm. They are gender-neutral and combined with other stimulation. It can make your climax, more intense.


Ben Wa Balls go inside the vagina. They move around and create pleasure. The same balls used for Kegel exercises fall in the same class. They help strengthen your pelvic walls whilst doing all the work. 


BDSM is something that’s often misunderstood yet popular at the same time. Most online sex shops, sell BDSM kits that can be used by couples that want to try to new things. Research about the different toys found in a kit. Always ask your partner for consent when you’re trying out something new.


It’s a toy placed directly on the clitoris and, it feels like you’re receiving cunnilingus. It’s perfect for women that are still looking for their first orgasm. Look for toys that offer different suction levels so you can vary the intensity till you hit that sweet spot.


It cuts off blood flow heading to the penis and makes the orgasm more intense. Secondly, if you can find a vibrating one then, it’ll also stimulate the vulva area and please, your partner.


A dildo is a phallic-shaped object that can be inserted, in the vagina, anus or mouth. They are made, of different materials like steel, glass and plastic. Some are double-sided shaped like a U, but, others only have one side. It depends on how creative you want to be. Sometimes, it can be worn, with a harness to make it easier for you to penetrate your partner. 


Handcuffs let you dominate and play with your partner. Be mindful of the material. Metallic ones will leave marks, during rough sex but feathery will be gentle on your partner.


It never hurts to have lubrication on the side because you never know when you’ll need it. Water-based lubes are recommendable, whether you’re having sex alone or with a partner since its friendly to sex toys. Silicone-based lubes is perfect for people with sensitive skin but, it’ll spoil silicone-based sex toys over time. Oil-based lubes, stay on longer but can cause condoms to tear or stain bedsheets.


A vibrator vibrates and can be used on your body to create or enhance sexual pleasure. It’ll leave you writhing in ecstasy. 

There are external vibrators. Of course, this includes vibrators that you can put in your underwear or those you can place on top of your vulva. The finger vibrator lets you work on yourself slowly. With clitoral vibrators, always pay attention to the shape that will work for your body type. Wand vibrators are intense and can be almost used anywhere on your body.

There are internal vibrators. These are perfect for people that get pleasure from penetration. An A-long vibrator is super long and used for deep penetration but, for less intense penetration use G-spot vibrator instead. Men can also look for prostate massagers to stimulate their prostate area.

Lastly, you have the rabbit vibrator that manages to combine an internal vibrator with an external vibrator. In conclusion. it lets you have the best of both worlds.


A sex swing lets you and your partner experiment with each other whilst both of you, hang in the air. However, make sure that you’ve installed it properly so that you don’t get hurt in the heat of the moment.

The Art Of Masturbation

The female orgasm is hard to find, but, the woman that finds it never forgets her first orgasm. However, this journey isn’t simple, and it’s tied to the art of masturbation.

Masturbation is anxiety and stress-reliever than any woman can use after a long day of work. Also, not all women can orgasm naturally through traditional vaginal sex so, they have to get creative to reach the seventh heaven. Wink, wink, it also releases built-up sexual tension, especially during a lockdown when your fix is miles away.

Masturbation helps keep the vagina healthy because of the extra blood flow. That’s why it gets hot down there when you’re in the mood.

So, Sex Guru is outlining a few tips that touch on the art of masturbation.

Masturbation is a taboo topic. So start by talking about it freely with close friends so that you can reduce the taboos around it. It opens the door for sharing ideas and insights amongst trusted friends.  Some women feared the power of their bodies. They grew up when sexuality was vilified but are now coming into themselves.

Around 50 to 75% of women can’t orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone and need clitoral stimulation according, to Teen Vogue.

With masturbation, it lets women get in touch with their bodies intimately and know what works for them. During intimate encounters, women can tap into this knowledge and have satisfying sex lives. It can reduce problems that come up because of frustrated sexual lives. 

Since orgasms aren’t easy to reach them, shift your mind into thinking about how each climax this helps strengthen your pelvic muscles just like Kegels exercises. So you’re able to do the workout without investing in Kegel balls. 

Be creative. You can masturbate with toys and fingers while you’re lying down in bed or even with a showerhead while you’re standing in the shower. Always practise proper hygiene before you start. Try different positions while you’re masturbating.

Make yourself comfortable. You can use music to calm down. Lock the door. Close the curtains. Take your time as you try to figure out what works for you. Feel free to use a mirror if you’re not exactly sure about all your bits. 

Like did you know that the clitoris has ‘legs’ called Vestibular Bulbs and will become hard while sexually aroused similar to a penis? It’s super sensitive. It swells up like a penis when it’s excited.

Try sitting on your bed with your back straight up. Place a mirror in front of you so you can see your entire vulva. Clear your mind so that you can focus on only pleasing yourself. Rub around your outer labia and clitoris to see which places feel good and to get yourself in the mood. Then, split apart the outer labia with two fingers in a V-shape facing downwards so that you get better access to your clitoris. 

With the clitoris exposed, you can try different variations to pull an orgasm out of your body. You can use another finger to rub up and down the clitoris. If you move slowly, then it’ll take time to build up your orgasm but, if you move, with rapid motions, then you’ll climax faster and feel your body shudder under you. 

Still, with the same speeds, you can rub in circular motions around the clitoris and focusing on sweet spots. Alternatively, some women rub against items like towels and pillows.

Show love to other erogenous zones. Some women can climax through nipple play because the nipple has many nerve endings. On your nipples, you try different touches but with varying intensity to see what works for you. During menstruation, they tend to be more sensitive than usual. 

You can try sex toys to stimulate your nipples or simple items that have different temperatures like ice vs warm massage oil. Think about your body and which sex toys can excite different parts. It includes vibrators that offer both vaginal and clitoral stimulation or anal toys. On the other hand, you can use more than one toy by inserting one into the vagina whilst letting the other one stimulate your clitoris.

Use lubes if your vagina doesn’t produce enough natural lubrication. 

Delay your orgasm when it feels close and experiments with your body. It’ll increase the intensity of your orgasm.