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Why Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated In Kenya And Around The World?

Every year on February 14th, we commemorate romantic love, friendship, and appreciation. People send messages of love and affection to partners, family, and friends on February 14th in observance of this day.
People started sending personalized cards to express their emotions instead of just sending love notes.
The sender handcrafted each of these exquisite cards by hand and individually customized them to express their affection for the recipient.
The heartfelt verse that would typically be included in cards would extol the recipient’s attractiveness and how much they were loved.
Cards for Saint Valentine’s Day were embellished with illustrations of Cupid, hearts, and flowers and finished with lace and ribbon. These images, which continue to be recognized worldwide as symbols of love, are still in use today.

How Valentine’s Day Began
Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the third century, is the inspiration behind Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine is the subject of numerous legends that developed over time to become what we now know as fact.
Many Romans were turning to Christianity during Valentine’s lifetime, but the pagan Emperor Claudius II imposed stringent regulations on what Christians could and could not do. Claudius forbade Roman soldiers from getting married because he thought they should be wholly loyal to Rome.
This marked the beginning of St. Valentine’s reputation as a person who valued love by having him wed these soldiers in covert Christian rituals.

Valentine was ultimately apprehended and imprisoned for his crimes against Claudius.
Valentine provided care for his fellow inmates as well as the blind daughter of his jailer while he was incarcerated.
According to legend, Valentine healed the girl of her blindness, and his last act before being put to death was to send her a love letter inscribed “from your Valentine.” Valentine was put to death on February 14th, 270.

What inspired Valentine’s Day?
St. Valentine’s Day wasn’t declared on February 14 until more than 200 years later.
Rome had already converted to Christianity at this point, and the Catholic Church was adamant about eradicating any remaining pagan practices.
Every year, a pagan fertility ritual took place in February. The Pope banned this celebration and declared February 14 to be Saint Valentine’s Day, adding this feast day to the Catholic Calendar of Saints.
The first person to associate St. Valentine with passionate love was the medieval poet Chaucer.
This was the start of the custom of courtly love, an often-secret ritual of expressing love and appreciation.

The legend of a High Court of Love, where female judges would render judgments on matters of love on February 14 each year, evolved as this habit spread throughout Europe.
According to historians, these events were actually get-togethers when individuals read love poems and played flirtatious games.

Signs for Valentine’s Day
People started sending personalized cards as an extension of the practice of sending love messages. These lovely handmade cards were prepared by the giver specifically for the recipient to express their affection.
Typically, cards would include a poetic verse that extolled the recipient’s beauty and how much they were loved.
Valentine’s Day cards included cupid, hearts, and flower illustrations, and they were adorned with lace and ribbon.
These symbols of love are still in use today and are well-known all across the world.

The Modern Valentine’s Day
Most nations commemorate Valentine’s Day, but several cultures have created their own customs to mark the day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in certain cultures as a day to celebrate love among friends and family members rather than romantic partners. Some customs involve leaving candy and gifts for kids, while others involve people showing each other thanks.
With millions of Valentine’s Day cards being exchanged each year, Valentine’s Day is most frequently linked with romantic love. Couples spend special time together, and gifts of flowers or a solitary red rose are delivered along with romantic words to loved ones.

A picnic, special home-cooked meal, or dinner are popular ways for couples to commemorate Valentine’s Day.
The meal is frequently presented with romantic symbols like hearts and flowers, and many restaurants have special Valentine’s Day dinner deals. A luxurious hotel stays in a picturesque setting is another common Valentine’s Day activity that enables a couple to unplug and spend quality time together.
Valentine’s Day is frequently picked as the ideal day to declare love and commitment because marriage proposals are also very common on this day.
Some marriage proposals are made in quite original ways, such as after reaching the summit of a mountain or by displaying a message on a billboard. Anyway, it is done, Valentine’s Day marriage proposals are often sweet and special.

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Having Hot Sex During Lockdown

The lockdown is becoming more intense as the days pass by. However, to fight against the Rona. All of us need to stay home, wash hands and practice social distancing. So, it’s not easy having hot sex during the lockdown.

So, since your Sex Guru is saving the world, one orgasm at a time.

A list has been put together on how to keep your sex life varied, fun and hot.


Solo Play is all about getting sexual pleasure without a partner. Especially if you’re single or if your partner is in lockdown somewhere else. All you have to do is set the mood and fulfil your fantasies. It lets you take whatever pace you feel like try it in different places and different intensity levels. If you’ve been having a difficult time orgasming with a partner. This is the perfect way to experiment and find out what works for your body. Put on your favourite music tunes, lit up a vanilla candle and read up on some Literotica. Do whatever relaxes you and lets you concentrate on your pleasure.



If, you and your partner don’t stay in the same place and. It is risky planning a psychical meetup because of the pandemic. Choose a convenient time for both of you. Use Skype to your advantage. Both of you can have virtual sex online by talking dirty, masturbating and maintaining eye contact. There are wi-fi controlled sex toys that are perfect for long-distance sexual encounters.  Alternatively, you can wear sexy outfits and describe to each other your sexual fantasies for when you meet up again. 



If you’re indoors, all day with your partner then doesn’t let them get bored. You can plan for fun, inhouse dates with each other. Like you can have fun cooking together in the kitchen, half-naked and feeding each other. Alternatively, you can snuggle up and do an activity that both of you enjoy, with no distractions. So put your electronic devices on flight mode. You can even help each other in the shower or massage each other and take time to understand your body. Use this time to build intimacy with each other and strengthen your emotional connection. This energy will help you build up to deeper and intense orgasms.



Feel free to experiment and have fun with sex toys. So try out your first one and becoming more sexually secure about your body. However, if you aren’t a novice, then you can always add a new toy. Have fun with your partner. Use the toys together, or let them watch you use them. It is also a fun way for you to learn new things about each other. You can release sexual tension whenever your partner doesn’t have the energy to satisfy you. They also let you focus on specific erogenous zones so you can feel pleasure instantly.



A sex bucket list is all those secret, sensual desires that you think about whenever you’re lying alone in bed. Things that you want to try out before your time runs out on this earth. You and your partner can both create a list of things that you’ve always wanted to try out. 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Pretending that you’re masturbating alone till you achieve an orgasm
  2. Figuring out how to make her squirt
  3. Eating food from a naked body, so licking, nibbling and sucking in the process.
  4. Playing with a sex toy as a couple
  5. Role-playing your favourite sex scenes



A wildcard is something unpredictable that keeps people on their toes. So if you’re the super-serious, corporate business lady, then let your partner walk in, while you’re doing house chores in a sexy outfit. It can be a simple see-through outfit with nothing underneath. So you can let his imagination run wild.

Alternatively, if your partner always leads, then you can tie him up. Gyrate on his body. Rub an ice cube on his body and lick him from head to toe. Take your time and have fun putting different sensations on his body.

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