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Wabosha Maxine

Wabosha  Maxine is a  Kenyan beauty influencer based in Nairobi, She is a professional make-up artist, and a vlogger. Wabosha Maxine is well  known for her talent and desire to grow in the make-up industry in Africa at a tender age as well as her skill in the art.

Wabosha views makeup as a way of diversifying a person’s beauty. She is a true believer of inner beauty but still believes in the confidence makeup instills to an individual. Maxine enjoys exploring that world with others, enabling them to transform into something entirely different from what they could ever have imagined.

Maxine Wabosha’s devotion to her career has seen her working with top artists and gigs with huge brands. She landed her first big job courtesy of House of Elzuri. This is a body wellness and beauty company which specializes in makeup and body art. Maxine Wabosha worked for them as a backstage designer for a model and still works there with the team in assisting young beauticians and beauty bloggers in developing their brand and expounding their client base.

On the social media arena, Wabosha features a YouTube channel on which she showcases various do-it-yourself makeup videos. These videos are mostly liked by the young girls who hunger to get tips on how to wear every-day makeup. ‘Beauty by Wabosha’ is the brand name she uses for her YouTube channel.

Wabosha Maxine’s YouTube channel helps her make videos used as marketing strategies which give her an upper hand in the industry compared to other makeup artists. In these videos, Maxine Wabosha speaks on travels, how to apply to make up, shaping eyebrows (which are her signature look) and also about hair and how to keep it looking good.

Wabosha Maxine hair brand has also earned her more subscribers and followers  since she shows the young ladies how to keep it flawless. It’s important to build a subscriber base who love your channel and keep on to it. Wabosha enjoys a huge YouTube-follower base of 175, 000 subscribers, she has a massive followers of 286k  on her instagram page

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Effective Ways To Get Smooth Natural and Long Hair 

While you battle tangles and try to tame the frizz, regular brushing and using a billion different leave-in serums don’t always seem to do the trick. Having smooth hair may start to seem likely only in dreams. However, achieving smooth hair without tangles or frizz is not impossible. In this article, we have listed the different ways to smoothen hair.

Ways To Smoothen Hair

There are two ways you can smoothen your hair: chemical smoothing and regular hair styling.

  • Chemical Smoothing: This method uses chemicals like formaldehyde, alkalines, etc. to treat your hair. It is a permanent treatment that lasts for at least 12-15 weeks. You will have to get it redone every few months to keep your hair looking smooth.
  • Natural Smoothing: This method uses regular hairstyling tips to smooth your hair. It is temporary but very efficient. It does not heavily change the structure of hair, as chemical smoothing does. With the right care and management, you can achieve smooth and healthy hair.
  • While these methods are temporary, natural smoothing is likely to improve the health of your hair, in the long run, making it smooth and shiny. Read on to know more about these two smoothing methods and decide which one would be the ideal choice for you.

How To Get Smooth Hair Naturally

  1. Rinse With Cold Water

    Rinsing your hair with cold water removes any frizz and makes the hair straight. After you wash and condition your hair, rinse with cold water a few times. Pat dry your hair instead of drying it vigorously or scrunching it. You can also use a straightening or anti-frizz conditioner before rinsing your hair. The cold water will lock in the anti-frizz action of the conditioner and keep your hair smooth.

  2. Banana Pack

    Banana is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, natural oils, and potassium. It has antioxidant potential that helps fight free radicals . Using banana in a hair pack will make your hair feel nourished and moisturized. It reduces frizz and soothes an irritated scalp with regular use. The benefits of banana can be enhanced by adding yogurt to it, which is also an excellent hair moisturizer.

    You Will Need

    • 1 ripe banana
    • 2 teaspoons yogurt


    1. Mash a ripe banana and add two teaspoons of yogurt to it.
    2. Blend it to get a smooth paste so that no chunks of the banana remain.
    3. Apply this all over the hair, starting from the tips and work up until the crown.
    4. Rinse off after 45 minutes with a shampoo
  3. Vinegar Rinse

    Apple cider vinegar has been in use as a natural hair rinse for a long time now. Our hair has a pH of 5.5, but the shampoos and conditioners we use are strongly alkaline.

    Although there is no scientific evidence, anecdotal evidence suggests that apple cider vinegar helps maintain the pH balance of our scalp while cleaning the build-up that might have formed from the excessive use of products. Rinsing your hair with the vinegar will close the cuticles of your hair and make it smoother, softer, and shinier.

    You Will Need

    • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
    • 1 cup water


    1. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water.
    2. Use this as the final rinse after washing your hair and leave it on.
  4. Hot Oil Treatment

    A hot oil massage once a week will not only give you healthy and smooth hair, but it will also help you de-stress. Use oils, such as coconut, olive, sweet almond, jojoba, castor, lavender, rosemary, and thyme, to massage your hair. You can also use the combination of these oils for better results.

    You Will Need

    • 2-3 tablespoons of oil, depending on the length of your hair


    1. Massage your scalp with the oil and apply it to all of your hair.
    2. After massaging your scalp, wrap your head with a warm towel. This creates an environment that allows for maximum penetration of the oil.
    3. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash off the oil with shampoo.
  5. Use A Shampoo For Your Hair Type

    A shampoo cleanses your scalp and also makes your hair smooth and soft. However, you should always use a shampoo that is suited to your hair.

    The best shampoos for smooth hair that are available in the Indian market are:

    • Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo

    Argan oil is a new, widely used component in hair care. Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo contains natural Moroccan argan oil, which penetrates the hair roots to soften them. It also repairs damaged strands and strengthens hair. It does not contain chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens, and is safe to be used on colored hair. It is especially effective in preventing damage from styling heat and UV exposure. By restoring moisture, it makes the hair soft, silky, and shiny. The antioxidants and vitamin E present in argan oil improve the texture by nourishing the hair.

    Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Smooth & Silky Anti-dandruff Shampoo+Conditioner

    Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Smooth and Silky Anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner is shampoo and conditioner combined into one bottle with anti-dandruff properties. It removes frizz and restores moisture in the hair, making it smoother. The main ingredient in the product, pyrithione zinc, is an active antifungal agent. The results are, therefore, dandruff-free scalp and hair and frizz control. It is suitable for all hair types.

    Another safe idea to cleanse your hair is to use natural ingredients.

    1. Make your own natural shampoo by boiling dried Indian gooseberry (amla), shikakai, and reetha.
    2. Let it boil until you get a soapy solution.
    3. Use this to wash your hair at least twice a week to get shiny and smooth hair.
  6. Careful Combing

    Go easy on the brushing. Combing or brushing your hair too much will cause friction, which will make your hair frizzy. Restrict combing your hair to a bare minimum, and never do it when your hair is wet. Wet hair is more prone to breakage. A good combing schedule involves detangling your hair before a shower with a wide-toothed wooden comb and then combing it once or twice a day to style and get rid of tangles.

  7. Proper Conditioning

    The right conditioning treatment can work wonders for your hair and make it smooth and silky. Make it a point to deep condition your hair at least once a week. Leaving a little conditioner behind on your hair can make it appear smooth. This is completely harmless as long as the conditioner is not in contact with your scalp.

    You can also use leave-in conditioners and serums, which are very useful to achieve that smooth and frizz-free look. Leave-in conditioners are especially beneficial for people with curly hair.

  8. Take A Break From Heat

    Straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers may be the best solution for instant styling to make your hair appear smooth. But the regular use of these hot styling tools is extremely harmful for your hair. The heat from these tools damages your hair, making it coarse and frizzy and stripping off its natural sheen.

    However, if there are days when you cannot do without styling, remember to use a heat-protecting spray or serum. It will help reduce the damage from the heat by forming a protective shield around your hair.

  9. Blow Drying Techniques

    Always try to dry your hair naturally. But if you are in a hurry, you can blow dry your hair. However, make it a point to use a good quality big-toothed round brush with a ceramic base. Use the cool settings of your blow dryer as this leads to less damage. Hold the blow dryer 15 cm away from your hair and move it constantly so that it doesn’t blow at one section of hair for too long.

  10. Say No To Chemicals

    Do not use products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate, as both of them are industrial cleansers and very harsh on your hair. These are ingredients that most shampoos contain. Research has shown that these chemicals cause heavy hair fall and thinning of hair (1). Instead of sulfate shampoos, use shampoos with natural and organic ingredients, which are not harsh on your hair. They lock in the moisture, thus giving you smooth and soft hair.

  11. Trimming Is Important

    Trimming is the most important thing to do if you want to maintain hair that is healthy and smooth. It helps remove split ends and damage that would otherwise spread up the hair shaft, causing frizz and dryness. Trim your hair every four to six weeks.

  12. Mayonnaise Mask

    Treat your hair by giving it a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Mayonnaise is a rich source of L-cysteine, which is an amino acid and a powerful antioxidant, which is also found in eggs. Using this hair pack regularly stimulates healthy hair growth.

    You Will Need

    • 1 cup mayonnaise
    • 2 teaspoons mashed avocado


    1. Mix the mayonnaise and avocado until the mixture becomes fluffy.
    2. Apply the mixture to your hair from the roots through the length of your hair.
    3. Pull your hair to the crown and cover your head with a shower cap.
    4. Keep it on for an hour and rinse off with shampoo.

    You can also smoothen your hair with chemicals. However, this method is expensive and can have damaging side effects on your hair. If you want to smoothen your hair chemically, ensure that your hair is healthy and not over-processed. It is always a good idea to consult a stylist before you get a treatment done. Pre and post care is crucial for healthy, smoothened hair.

    Chemical Smoothing Hair Tips

  13. Traditional Relaxers

    Relaxers are used to soften and calm the natural texture of the hair. They are suitable for people with wavy or slightly curly hair. However, they do not work well with extremely curly hair. Relaxers fix frizzy textures and smoothen the hair shafts. The effect loses out once the chemicals fade out in four to six months.

  14. Chemical Smoothing

    This technique uses a lot of chemicals to break the natural bonds of your hair. The hair is then washed with a smoothing solution and straightened. This procedure takes four to five hours, and the effects last for about three months. Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the smooth and straight look of your hair. It is not meant for colored hair.

  15. Thermal Reconditioning

    Also known as Japanese straightening, this technique is suitable for bulky, loose to medium curls, but not for very tight curls. The hair is repeatedly washed with a chemical solution, which helps break the inner bonds. Then, each strand is reshaped. Finally, the neutralizer is applied to achieve a smooth, silky, and straight look. This technique permanently changes the structure of your hair, and regular touch-ups are required every five to six months, depending on the growth rate of your hair. It is not suitable for colored or processed hair. Here is a detailed post on Japanese straightening.

  16. Brazilian Keratin Treatment

    This technique has widely gained popularity due to the use of keratin, which is less harsh on hair. It smoothes the surface of the hair but does not permanently break the bonds. This treatment controls frizz by maintaining the volume and texture of the hair. It is safe for colored hair and is suitable for all hair types from waves to tight curls. Here is a detailed post on Brazilian Keratin treatment.

    As discussed earlier, chemical treatments come with certain risks and side effects.

    Risks And Side Effects

    When using chemical treatments to smooth your hair, make sure they don’t contain formaldehyde. It can burn the scalp and eyes. Some products claim to have unactivated formaldehyde, which might be activated by the other chemicals in the product. When using regular straighteners, make sure you use keratin straighteners as they do less damage to the hair.
    Follow these natural methods or choose any chemical treatments to get smoother and shinier hair.

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Natural Hair and Beauty Products Brands in Kenya 

The natural hair movement has led to an influx in beauty brands creating beauty products for natural hair. Whether your hair has a lose wave pattern, big ringlets or kinky curls, there’s a product out there for your natural hair.


But not all natural hair products are created equal. When shopping for your next bottle of hair juices and berries, you should be paying attention to the ingredient list.

There should be natural ingredients in your natural hair products. Products that contain naturally hydrating ingredients like coconut and shea butters are your hair friend. You want to stay away from products with alcohol in them or sulfates that may dry your hair out.

First, let’s be clear about what the terms “organic” and “natural” actually mean. Organic refers to something that was produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage, ionizing radiation, as well as antibiotics and growth hormones. Natural means something that originally “existed in” or was “derived from” nature.

Here is a compilation list of natural organic hair and  beauty products brands in Kenya  

1. Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals is Africa’s first quality full haircare range for all natural hair. It is a Kenyan-owned haircare line founded by two friends; Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel. The idea came to Michelle in 2013 when she made a decision to live a healthier lifestyle, and hence cut her hair to grow it afresh naturally. However, at the time there were very few good quality and affordable products to cater to the woman of natural African hair.

Today, through Marini’s full range of products, they are proud to say Kenya and Africa finally have a natural hair-care line of their own which is sure to understand their coils, kinks, and curls like no other! Michelle & Niyati successfully managed to make all the products rich in moisture, ensuring your hair is soft and manageable all day! And let’s not even get started on the scents of the products

2. Mosara Kenya

Mosara (K) Ltd is Nairobi based natural skincare and natural haircare products manufacturer, for the first few years, we operated under a business name Mnazi Naturals before transitioning to the current Mosara (K) Ltd.

Whether you have got natural, colour treated, dreadlocked or relaxed hair, Mosara have got something made just for you.
All our products are all natural, made with naturally occurring or naturally derived ingredients. They are formulated FREE of silicones, parabens, pthalates, sulfates/sulphates, petroleum jelly, petroleum derived ingredients and mineral oil.

3. Binti Naturals

Binti Naturals is a beauty company that makes organic hair and body products from natural oils and extracts found on the African continent. All our ingredients are sourced from organic farms in Eastern Africa. Their desire is to give value to their customers and remind them that Africa has always valued its natural beauty which we must reclaim.


What started as a product for African women has grown into a well-loved product for both men and women because healthy hair and skin belong to us all.

4. Saru Organics 

Saru Organics is a quality beauty care brand that serves the needs of the modern African  woman. This is a brand for the conscious lady who is keen on what her overall body consumes.

Their brand is silicone free, paraben free , sulfate free and most importantly Saru Organics source their ingredients from their vast rich continent ; be it the raw Shea butter, that is a great emollient from Uganda, (sips tea seeing how endowed the motherland is ) Avocado oil pressed from an Avocado fruit that grows in plenty in  Kisii land, moringa oleifera tree that gives us the super moisturizing moringa oil sourced from Taita hills, there is a whole diversity of great special oils within our motherland.

5. Harvest of Sunshine

Harvest of Sunshine products are crafted for the busy African individual who requires their products to work for them without much hustle and with effective results. they have been manufacturing their products since 2012 and they use ingredients that can be found growing in the African sun. Read more about our hair care and skincare cosmetics products.


Welcome to the Harvest of Sunshine experience. they are a Kenyan manufacturing company that produces 100% organic, water-based natural cosmetic products for natural African hair and all skin types

6. Wild Earth Botanics

Inspired by the wild, the healing and nourishing power of plants, and the simplicity of nature, Wild Earth Botanics was created. We are social brand harnessing the power of plant life to bring you deliciously pure, natural botanical oils and skin care blends.

With an increasing demand for high-quality natural products, they have embarked on a journey to source the cleanest and purest botanical oils and essences while at the same time working on a grass root level by supporting small scale farmers. We stay true to the wild, with no harmful preservatives, silicone’s, or packaging. We do not advocate the testing of cosmetics on animals.

7. Washindi Naturals 

Washindi Naturals is a social enterprise project under Washindi Victory Center, a Kibera non-profit founded in 2006, Washindi aims to initiate and facilitate an entrepreneurial spirit in those living in underserved communities, thus enabling them to create their own sustainable income. This through income-generating activities, start-up assistance (such as microloans), mentorship and training.

All our products are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our zero impact vision includes aiming for a positive impact on the environment through our packaging, production and raw materials. We promote reuse, recycling and upcycling

8. Bu.ke

BU.KE’ is an artisan hair & skincare brand that was founded in January 2017 by Lucy Kingóri, an entrepreneur, and is a play on 2 things. It means ‘Buy Kenyan’ and was also borrowed from our founders’sons’name, the reason she decided to come up with the range of products in the first place.

Her son was born with Eczema, a skin condition that caused serious skin irritation to the point of bleeding. She embarked on a mission to find a way to manage her sons ailing condition and what she found was eye-opening.

Almost NONE of the creams/concoctions available in the market to help manage the symptoms of the condition were truly STEROID-FREE. It had been 4 months of trying and experimenting on the ailing boy. One day however, Lucy came across Shea butter from South Sudan, a natural cream that has helped manage her son’s condition to date. Further research was done on the butter, and that was the beginning of what was to become a fantastic range of natural hair & skin care products that the entire family could enjoy.

9. Mama’s Organics

10. Super O’Bao

As part of Super O’Bao diversification and ‘practise what you preach’ policy, we ventured into natural foods and organic skincare products sourced from Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Their  flagship brand O’BAO harnesses the incredible benefits of the baobab tree, their primary products are baobab fruit powder and baobab seed oil from which we have several value added foods and natural skincare


The baobab tree is critical to maintenance of the regions’ ecosystem. The tree provides ,shade , food, water , habitat for birds, owls, bats, insects and prevents soil erosion.

11. Ajani Handmade

Ajani handmade came to be after realizing a gap in the local Kenyan beauty industry. Our products are developed to cater to natural and conscious self-care and lifestyle practices.

They are a social enterprise aimed at catering to the demands of a growing natural and organic hair and skin care market. Ajani messages are socially rooted in challenging socially imposed beauty ideals. Through their work, they act as a platform for empowerment for women.

12. Sheth Naturals

Sheth Naturals is the brainchild of Dr. Gasheri Thuku a medical doctor who strongly feels that there is need for quality, home-grown, easily accessible and most importantly, affordable hair care and skincare solutions created with love for the African woman.

Gasheri’s epiphany came when she returned to her natural hair roots and joined the natural hair community. Here, she realized that quality products at reasonable prices were few and hard to come by. Sheth Naturals thus was created to fill a need for a broad spectrum range of solutions to cater to every hair texture and curl pattern as well as all skin types and conditions. ” There is something for everyone ”

13. Keyara Organics

Keyara is a premium brand and our packaging and branding appeals to the upwardly mobile target market, Keyara Oganics is a proudly Kenyan, organic and Natural skin care business that keeps Africa at the heart of its philosophy.

They are a skincare line that draws the best of Africa’s oils and butters. they package them to suit today’s upwardly, mobile yet nature living and aware individuals. Keyara Oganics products are great for Pregnant women and mums, and they are also very good for babies.

14. Klasik Organics

Klasik Organics they  are a team inspired by nature and they  believe the manufacturing of natural products using readily available plant-based ingredients not only enables people to live a healthy life, but also have a much bigger positive impact on our planet.

At Klasik Organics, has identify problems with the beauty products we use on our bodies and curate creative natural solutions for them.

They have made it our mission to ensure natural does not mean mediocre, difficult to use or expensive. For us, natural means healthy, high quality, long-lasting and affordable.

15. Blends of Nature

The Blends of Nature product range offers you natural hair, face, body and massage solutions that will connect you to your deeper values, their  products are ethically and thoughtfully made by local and international expert Formulators. their raw materials are sourced from reputable organic /natural producers from all over Africa.

Treat yourself to these natural solutions to feel more aware, more invested.. connected, Nature offers precious oils and essences that when used, allow your true beauty to shine through.

16. AfroliciousKE

AfroliciousKe is a Kenyan brand celebrating African beauty, and encouraging women to love the hair and skin they’re in,Quality, Organic,Oils and Butters,Premium products made with natural, and pure ingredients to keep your hair and skin glowing.

AfroliciousKe was born out of the need to provide organic natural hair and skin care products, they goal is to provide information on how to take care of African hair in it’s natural state and to inspire girls and women to take pride in their authentic selves, to love the hair and skin they’re in

Driven by a passion to EMPOWER women and INSPIRE them to feel to feel BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT in their NATURAL beauty, we traveled to different East African countries to source for the best raw products.

17. Bloom & Soul

Bloom & Soul products are 100% natural, with no chemicals added, kind on all skin types and gentle on the environment! Trust them your skin will thank you.

18. Wondim’s Hair Butter

Wondim’s Hair Butter was created based on a traditional Ethiopian hair treatment that has been used for years by Ethiopians, mixed with beneficial natural oils. It’s a pre-shampoo treatment.


19. Cleo Nature

Cleo Nature is a company specializing in manufacture of handmade Natural Olive and Coconut oil bathing soaps, The soaps Natural and healthy component make them ideal for any skin type.

Everyone in the family from babies to adults can use these natural soaps because they are not harsh on even the most sensitive skin.



20. Mugzies Naturals

Mugzies Naturals founder, Mugethi Gitau  dreamed of making and selling hair products and body products, Hair because as a nappyhead, she had such trouble getting product, body because she wanted to enjoy the luxury of using organic natural products on her body.

She also wanted to make them available to others for the same reasons. She also wanted to avail them to people with sensitive skin, eczema, children and simply people who are conscious on what ingredients are in the products they are buying and using on themselves and their kids.

21. Fluffy Buttah

Fluffy Buttah has a range of whipped body butters made from shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and almond oil.

22. Zanzi Naturals

Zanzi Naturals is 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Natural Oils & Oil Blends – Organic natural hair & skin care.

23. Cinnabar Green

Cinnabar Green is a natural cosmetics company based in Laikipia, Kenya. After several years of growing organically certified medicinal herbs and producing essential oils for export we saw the need for a range of locally produced, environmentally responsible, body products.

12 years on our range has grown but the underlying desire to be responsible to our planet and kind to its people and animals remains at the heart of our business.

24. Organic Savanna

Organic Savanna is an impact driven skincare brand with a mission to empower people. their story grew from the simple idea that products should not only be made well but also do good. We want to give consumers the opportunity to shop responsibly.

Organic Savanna started in 2016 as a way to empower local women and their families. We planted 30,000 aloe plants on our farm in Kenya and together with the local community, started to make ethical + responsible aloe-based skincare products. Our products are made by hand and created in small batches.

25. The Mandevu

Mandevu Beard Care believes that every man should be able to find and use only the highest quality products for his beard. Each product we produce is distinctively made with the man in mind.

Mandevu Beard Care only uses 100% natural ingredients that are essential for maintaining a healthy, soft, conditioned and hydrated beard,their  beard care products are great for conditioning, moisturising and styling your beard to perfection

26. Zerufi Organics

Zerufi Organics sells natural skin care and hair care products. They are strong believers of not putting anything on your skin or hair that you wouldn’t want near your mouth. Their customers are people looking for effective skin and hair solutions in nature without having to resort to chemical-laden products.

Zerufi Organics tries to offer that with its products range and they are carefully formulated with natural ingredients backed with extensive research to ensure that they are not only gentle but also effective.

27. Uhai Hair

Uhai combines the best product technology from the western world with natural superfoods from the African continent to deliver solutions that REVIVE your hair., their  products are cruelty-free, vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum.

From the streets of Dakar to Nairobi and from Lagos to Joburg, women all over the continent desire strong, radiant hair. Damage inflicted upon our hair has left us with breakage and disappearing edges and forced us to look for false solutions.

28. Shea Organics

Deliciously whipped hair and body butters and organic oil blends, handcrafted with love just for you

With a versatile range of hair and skin care products, you’re sure to find something for everyone. The African black soap and shampoo range has proven to be a naturalista hit.

Their limited edition Whipped Pink Lemonade! That was recently sold had 50% of proceeds going to support cancer research, all while using all Kenyan ingredients.

29. Luguah Naturals

Luguah Naturals are a natural hair, skin and lip care line, hand-crafted from some of the best oils and butters sourced from Africa. Luguah Naturals was founded by Lulu Kimbio and Mbugua Macharia in October 2016. However, development of the products has been going on from June 2016, to find the right compositions of the natural oils and butters to create the products.

What has now grown into a brand that has hair, body and lip care products was born out of neccessity. Lulu was looking for a solution for stretch marks following her pregnancy and the solutions in the market did not work. Someone recommended Shea Butter.

Raw Shea butter has a strong smell and is not easy to apply. Lulu sought to improve this.After many trials and formulas, we developed a body butter. The solution worked for Lulu and she wanted to share it with the world. .

30. Liku by Squeezie

The need to make her own skincare products occurred when all the products on the market were hurting her husband, who has very sensitive, dry skin. After the birth of her son, Liz knew it was time to put my passion for natural ingredients to test and create a product for her family that would give their skin the nourishment it needed. A formula that would add balance or natural moisture back to her family, to have a balance, healthy glowing kin.


Liz made it a point to ensure that every ingredient used would be easy to read on the package. That is why she uses only organic and natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter, coconut oil and essential oils. The high quality of oils and butters used in Liku products prevents the need of fillers and preservatives.

“I believe in not putting anything on my body that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. Feed my skin with vitamins and nutrients to promote a healthy status and balance inside and out” said Liz

31. By Earth

Established in September 2019, By Earth has a lovely long lasting scent. Shea butter has a plethora of benefits to the skin. Everything from treating blemishes and acne to providing relief to itchy skin, you really can’t go wrong with a jar of shea butter in your bag.

By Earth have taken it one step further by adding unique and delicate scents to their products, they clearly indicate each ingredients in their product (all natural ingredients to be exact). However, if you are allergic to nuts I wouldn’t recommend using any shea products.

32. Nature Organics

Nature Organics handcrafted organic beauty products  The wide range of their products includes hair and skin items . The castor oil and custom blends are a noticeable naturalista favorite. The versatility truly shines due to the fact that the products can be used on the face, body and hair.


Their pages boasts an array of familiar Kenyan faces, all advocating for their favorite products,they have versatility  of products ranging from Womens, Men’s  and Kids all catered for, Nature Organics has thought abouth the whole family

Content courtesy of Natural Hair / Beauty Brands in Kenya & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team