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Azziad Nasenya Kenyan TikTok Queen is Highest Paid Influencer in Kenya, 28th in Africa

Azziad Nasenya is the highest-paid influencer in Kenya, well her rate cards were shown to the public a while back which made a lot of people envious of her,  let’s face it she is earning a lot of money and she knows it, the brand that she has created over time after bursting into the scene with  “Utawezana” song by Mejja and the Kenyan female rapper Femi One made her start to shine more and so is her brand ” Azziad Nasenya ”

Azziad Nasenya, Anerlisa Muigai ranked top 30 on the Instagram rich list of Africa’s best-paid influencers according to Hopper HQ which ranked Azziad Nasenya and Anerlisa Muigai among some of the best-paid celebs on Instagram from Africa, The analytics firm made a list on their website ranking Azziad at number 28 in Africa and 257 in the world, with Anerlisa at number 30 in Africa and 271 worldwide

This is according to Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling, planning, and analytics firm that ranked the 100 most paid public figures on Instagram from the world and Africa. Azziad and Anerlisa were ranked in positions 28 and 30 respectively in the Africa top 50 lists, and positions 257 and 271 in the world’s top 400 list.

According to Hopper, for one to advertise their business on Azziad’s Instagram, they will have to pay KSh 545K for a single post, and for Anerlisa, she allegedly gets KSh 436k per paid post. These celebrities have a huge number of followers on the said platform, with Azziad topping Anerlisa with 1.3 million compared to the Keroche heiress’s 993k followers. According to the site, the top three best-earning celebrities on Instagram are Mohammed Salah, Davido, and Yemi Alade in that order.

Some of the other Kenyan celebs who appeared on the list are Wabosha Maxine at number 35, Joy Kendi (37), Sharon Mundia (38), and Silvia Njoki (45).

Here is the full list of African Instagram influencers 2021

Hopper did not explain how they got to the numbers or what criteria they used to rank the celebrities, This could also be the estimates that Instagram uses to rank the celebs with; hence they could be earning less, or even more, for an Instagram post.

Nairobi fashion hub 

Wabosha Maxine

Wabosha  Maxine is a  Kenyan beauty influencer based in Nairobi, She is a professional make-up artist, and a vlogger. Wabosha Maxine is well  known for her talent and desire to grow in the make-up industry in Africa at a tender age as well as her skill in the art.

Wabosha views makeup as a way of diversifying a person’s beauty. She is a true believer of inner beauty but still believes in the confidence makeup instills to an individual. Maxine enjoys exploring that world with others, enabling them to transform into something entirely different from what they could ever have imagined.

Maxine Wabosha’s devotion to her career has seen her working with top artists and gigs with huge brands. She landed her first big job courtesy of House of Elzuri. This is a body wellness and beauty company which specializes in makeup and body art. Maxine Wabosha worked for them as a backstage designer for a model and still works there with the team in assisting young beauticians and beauty bloggers in developing their brand and expounding their client base.

On the social media arena, Wabosha features a YouTube channel on which she showcases various do-it-yourself makeup videos. These videos are mostly liked by the young girls who hunger to get tips on how to wear every-day makeup. ‘Beauty by Wabosha’ is the brand name she uses for her YouTube channel.

Wabosha Maxine’s YouTube channel helps her make videos used as marketing strategies which give her an upper hand in the industry compared to other makeup artists. In these videos, Maxine Wabosha speaks on travels, how to apply to make up, shaping eyebrows (which are her signature look) and also about hair and how to keep it looking good.

Wabosha Maxine hair brand has also earned her more subscribers and followers  since she shows the young ladies how to keep it flawless. It’s important to build a subscriber base who love your channel and keep on to it. Wabosha enjoys a huge YouTube-follower base of 175, 000 subscribers, she has a massive followers of 286k  on her instagram page

Content courtesy of Wabosha Maxine & Nairobi fashion hub Online Digital Team 

Erika Akoth Personal Fashion Stylist

Erika Akoth owner and founder of Erika A. Style Concept store, has worn many hats she is an avid traveler, a keen collector, a fashion curator, a stylist, and a former designer and model.
She has traveled the world, carefully collecting each piece that features at the store, from a variety of runways, designers, and craftsmen and women.

Erika A. Style has a keen eye for detail and beauty, and it matters that each collected and curated piece tells a story.

Erika Akoth is the curator behind the brand. She is a fashion and personal stylist, multi-label fashion curator and high end personal shopper. Erika has been involved in the fashion industry for more than twelve years. During this time, she has worked as a personal stylist, modeled for a variety of high-fashion projects and shopped for a range of private clients around the world.

She now owns and runs Erika A. Style, a luxury fashion concept store, in her home country, Kenya.

Akoth studied culinary arts but while she enjoyed cooking, she was also tired of the daily routine of creating in the background  she wanted something bigger and more fulfilling. She soon discovered that fashion was her missing ingredient.

Her love for food still informs her creative sense for fashion, and she believes that the secret to good fashion like good cooking lies with knowing how much is needed.

Scarabs are Erika A’s statement piece. She credits this to Steve Tyler whom she met at an event once, trying to get an autograph after one of his events. Tyler’s words to her on seeing her Scarab piece were, ‘what a beautiful statement piece!”

Erika has since worn them to many more events, believing they are her lucky charm.  She enjoys curating clothes, collecting art, decorating spaces and creating beauty in as many spheres as she can.

Content courtesy of Erika A. Style & Nairobi fashion hub

Osas Ighodaro Ajibade

Born and raised in the home of the New York Yankees, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade is a Bronx Native. As a first-generation Nigerian-American, Osas strongly values the importance of family, giving back and staying connected to her roots,Osas is a graduate from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and dual minor degrees in Entrepreneurship and Theatre. She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the Actor’s Studio Drama School at Pace University

She has appeared in theatre productions that include The Colored Museum, Revenge of the King, Platanos & Collard Greens and For Colored Girls. Osas’ film & television credits include Cadillac Records, The Department, Tinsel, Gbomo Gbomo Express & Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.

Osas ranked amongst the Top 3 National finalists in the American Black Film Festival/NBC Universal Star Project – monologue competition. In 2010, She became the first Nigerian-American to be crowned Miss Black USA. Additionally, she won the award for Best TV Actress at the 2014 edition of Exquisite Lady of the Year Awards and Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2016 Best Supporting Actress award, respectively.

Osas’ work as an actor, host, brand ambassador and humanitarian carry her throughout the United States, Africa and across the globe. As founder of the ‘Joyful Joy Foundation’, Osas remains deeply committed to ending Malaria, preventable disease and supporting poverty alleviation in Africa.  She believes a small token of appreciation, sincerely offered to a few, can cause and affect a chain reaction of positivity and growth for many.

Grace Alex

Grace Alex is a fashion blogger also known as T2pitchy on Instagram. She blogs at GA Fashion and is currently studying Communication Culture and Technology in Washington, D.C., USA. She initially started the blog in 2011 as a way to help her through her depression.

Her open and honest online diary helped her connect with others who could relate to what she was going through and, since then, she has worked with big brands like Google, Clinique, Daniel Wellington, New Look and ASOS, among others.



She has massive followers on her Instagram 46,000 plus, and on YouTube she has less than subscribers more of her work are available on her blog Grace Alex Fashion 

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Palesa Mahlaba

Palesa Mahlaba, Stylist and Fashion Consultant ,She always looks like a million bucks, and fashion is her passion. Palesa Mahlaba is the former fashion editor of True Love magazine and is now finishing off a diploma in PR, so she can take the fashion PR industry in style. Palesa chose the Symbol Jewellery and Midi-Ring trend, which she loves. “It’s a way of expressing yourself through your accessories.

I am obsessed with the midi-rings and now have an excuse to stack up on them. Plus they keep my nails looking good!” “Have fun with your jewellery, it is a fabulous way to show your personal style!”


She has massive followers on her Instagram 82,000 plus, and on YouTube her account  is dormant no subscribers at the moment more of her work are available on her blog Simply Palesa Edit

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Tshepang Mollison

The fashion and beauty influencer is definitely body goals and when she’s not travelling to exotic places then she’s chilling and eating the finest food because “Twiggy takes snaps and eats a lot”.

Tshepang ” Twiggy ” Mollison she is a Film & Radio production graduate from UCT and Brand Strategy & communications graduate from Vega a with a keen interest in food, photography and travel.

Besides that, she is also a fashionista of note who knows how to play around with her wardrobe. Furthermore, as a model, she has collaborated with big brands such as Spree, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila just to name a few, Judging from her Instagram page, Twiggy is also a fan of warmer weather and enjoys playing in the water.



She has massive followers on her Instagram 40,000 plus, and on YouTube she has less than 1,000 subscribers more of her work are available on her blog Sleepless in Soweto

Content courtesy of Moss Onyi & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Moss Onyi

Moss Onyi is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who moved to the UK in order to advance her career as a chartered account. However, she is now a full time blogger and is based in Manchester, UK. She also works as a photographer and, since late 2017, runs the Moss Onyi blog with her husband, Craig Moss.

The blog, as well as her unique taste in fashion, will leave you dreaming of a place far, far away, where you can get lost in a world that only dreams are made of.


She has massive followers on her Instagram 92,000 plus, and on YouTube she has 7,000 plus subscribers more of her work are available on her blog Moss Onyi 

Content courtesy of Moss Onyi & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team

Nat & Liv

The series features social influencers and cousins Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, along with their close-knit families, as they juggle their lives between the beauty and fame of Los Angeles and their humble and hilarious roots in Vancouver.


Having established themselves as beauty and fashion influencers over the last few years, Natalie and Olivia have grown considerable social media followings, but they know that in order to make it in Los Angeles they need to do more than take a good selfie.

We wanted to create a line for women to feel confident, fearless and powerful. When developing these styles it was important for us to select elegant textures and colors to accentuate the curves of each and every figure.

We are so excited to share these pieces with you and truly hope they bring you as much joy as they have brought us. We can’t wait for you to share your photos with us!

After gaining business experience through various brand partnerships, Nat and Liv look to their brothers, Joel and Owen, to help build their brand as they work toward curating their first fashion line. The girls take time from their busy schedules to go back to Vancouver, showing a portion of their lives that can’t be found on any social platform.

Their loud and lively moms, Rhonda and Julia, are sisters and the glue that holds this eccentric group together through vacations and weekly Sunday night dinners.

Natalie is also close with her sister Stephanie, the eldest cousin, who is a free-spirited, eclectic personality and sometimes struggles to find her place in the group, often identifying herself as the “black sheep.” From quirky parents to competitive siblings, this crew takes on all of life’s adventures together and proves that no amount of fame can rival a family’s bond.

Relatively Nat & Liv is produced by Machete Productions and Cineflix.

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