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The Star-Studded Premiere of “Monkey Business” at Two Rivers Mall

On Friday, Two Rivers Mall was the epicenter of excitement as fans, celebrities, and media personalities gathered for the much-anticipated premiere of King Kaka’s new series, “Monkey Business.” The event was a dazzling affair, graced by an impressive lineup of Kenyan stars and enthusiastic fans eager to catch a glimpse of the series that promises to be a game-changer in the local entertainment scene.

“Monkey Business” features the charismatic rapper Scar Mkadinali as the main character, leading an ensemble cast that includes Janet Mbugua, Prezzo, and Azeezah Hashim. The series delves into the complex themes of loyalty, morality, and survival, delivering a gripping narrative that resonates with contemporary issues.

The premiere saw a who’s who of Kenyan entertainment and public life in attendance. Notable figures included Charlene Ruto, Prezzo, Jalang’o, Mejja, Nameless, Wahu, Big Ted, Jacky Vike, Mulamwah, Nana Owiti, Pascal Tokodi, Sandra Dacha, Baba Talisha, Kabugi, Useful Idioty, Wololo TV, Senjee, Celestine ‘SELINA’ Gachui, Kerry Martin, Silva Kido, Dennis Milimo, Oga Obinna, Sosuun, Frasha, Janet Mbugua, Ndovu Kuu, Fathermoh, Ezekiel Mutua, King Kaka’s mother, Scar Makadinali, and Eddie Butita.

King Kaka, the visionary behind the series, expressed his excitement about the project. “I am thrilled to share a sneak peek of ‘Monkey Business’ with the world. This project is a labor of love, and I believe it has the power to inspire, provoke, and ignite change. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!” he remarked.

A highlight of the evening was King Kaka’s heartfelt tribute to his wife, Nana Owiti, amid recent rumors of marital strife. Addressing the media, he praised Nana’s beauty and kind heart, saying, “She is a very lovely woman, ako na roho nzuri, ni mrembo, umeona vile amedunga?” He emphatically denied the rumors of trouble in paradise, urging the public to respect their privacy and focus on the positive aspects of their lives.

The premiere was not just about glitz and glamour; it also underscored the importance of family and integrity in the face of public scrutiny. King Kaka’s plea to the media and fans to refrain from spreading baseless rumors was a poignant reminder of the real lives behind the celebrity facade.

As the curtains fell on the premiere night, it was clear that “Monkey Business” is set to make a significant impact on the Kenyan entertainment industry. With its stellar cast and compelling storyline, the series is poised to captivate audiences and spark meaningful conversations.

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King Kaka Invests Sh6 Million in New Series “Monkey Business” A Riveting Journey into Loyalty, Morality, and Survival

Award-winning rapper and businessman Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka, has revealed a substantial investment of Sh6 million in his latest project, the series “Monkey Business.”

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, King Kaka disclosed that the casting for the series began in December of last year, with filming starting in January 2024. “Between December and now, we’ve spent at least Sh6 million. I’ll calculate how much we’ve made from the premiere of ‘Monkey Business’,” said King Kaka.

King Kaka shared that a total of 162 people have been involved in the production of the series. “The minimum set size was at least 40 people, but there are scenes in episode three where the number goes up to 162,” he added.

Expressing his joy, King Kaka stated, “This is my second film, and I’m so happy. I hear there are people who missed seats today, and I’m very thankful because it shows that people are excited and happy about the Kenyan film industry.”

The CEO of Kaka Empire extended his gratitude to those who attended the “Monkey Business” premiere. “I loved this experience, seeing Kenyans all dressed up. Tailors have made a good fortune this week, and those who did décor and even those who printed our posters have benefited.”

When asked why he chose Scar Mkadinali as the main actor for the series, King Kaka replied, “Scar has been a good friend and very passionate about film. I told him, ‘Do you know you can act? I always see you in music videos.’ So, I took him to acting classes, and he did very well.”

The Launch of “Monkey Business”
The premiere of “Monkey Business” was a grand event attended by fans, the cast and crew, media representatives, and several Kenyan celebrities. Notable attendees included Charlene Ruto, Prezzo, Jalang’o, Mejja, Nameless, Wahu, Big Ted, Jacky Vike, Mulamwah, Nana Owiti, Pascal Tokodi, Sandra Dacha, Baba Talisha, Kabugi, Useful Idioty, Wololo TV, Senjee, Celestine ‘SELINA’ Gachui, Kerry Martin, Silva Kido, Dennis Milimo, Oga Obinna, Sosuun, Frasha, Janet Mbugua, Ndovu Kuu, Fathermoh, Ezekiel Mutua, King Kaka’s mother, Scar Makadinali, Eddie Butita, among others.

The new series features rapper Scar Mkadinali in the lead role, with performances by Janet Mbugua, Prezzo, and Azeezah Hashim, who navigate a storyline filled with trials of loyalty, morality, and survival. King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti and his mother also graced the event, adding a personal touch to the evening.

Held at Two Rivers Mall, the red carpet premiere was a star-studded affair, reflecting the excitement surrounding “Monkey Business.” King Kaka, the creative force behind the series, shared his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled to share a sneak peek of ‘Monkey Business’ with the world. This project is a labor of love, and I believe it has the power to inspire, provoke, and ignite change. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!”

With a dynamic cast, compelling plot, and the vision of King Kaka, “Monkey Business” is poised to make a significant impact on the Kenyan entertainment landscape. Audiences can anticipate a series that not only entertains but also challenges and inspires.

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L’Oréal Paris Unveils Thuso Mbedu As The Brand’s Ambassador and spokesperson for Sub Saharan Africa

Every year on the French Riviera in the beautiful city of Cannes, the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival serves as a shining example of superior artistic achievement. L’Oréal Paris, a beauty company dedicated to women’s empowerment and beauty innovation, is happy to introduce the renowned South African actress Thuso Mbedu as the new brand ambassador and spokesperson for Sub-Saharan Africa. L’Oréal Paris is the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

On the red carpet and in the breathtaking beauty and fashion photos she posed for, her presence as L’Oréal Paris’ guest of honor was felt.

L’oréal Paris Sub-saharan Africa’s New Face
Mbedu will contribute her distinct viewpoint to regional advertising campaigns, product launches, and public appearances as the brand ambassador and spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Her love of beauty and talent for engaging audiences will be crucial in strengthening the brand’s relationship with its devoted patrons.

Thuso Mbedu, The Rising Star
Thuso Mbedu is a well-known actress who was raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and whose memorable performances have made an impression on both national and global stages. Her performance as Winnie in “Is’thunzi” in 2016 propelled her into the public eye and earned her two nominations for an International Emmy Award.

“One never thought of themselves as attractive growing up; I never dreamed that one day I would have the privilege of serving as the first Sub-Saharan African spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris. a company with a strong commitment to diversity, sisterhood, and feminism that advocates for the empowerment of women. I’ve so far appreciated learning about the cutting-edge technology that powers L’Oréal’s product line and the revolutionary advancements made in understanding African skin. I’m honored to represent my African group within an outstanding worldwide brand because their products are amazing.

Mbedu gained more recognition when she played Cora Randall in the Amazon Prime Video series “The Underground Railroad,” which is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Colson Whitehead.

Her most recent performance with Viola Davis in Sony’s “The Woman King” solidified her position in international film. She was named one of The New York Times’ 10 Best Actors of 2022 and Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch for 2022 thanks to her portrayal of “Nawi,” a committed recruit in an all-female military squad.

More Than Just An Actor
Mbedu’s philanthropic endeavors go beyond the realm of popular culture.
Thuso Mbedu is actively involved in humanitarian projects that promote awareness of a variety of topics, particularly those that deal with education and the welfare of children and youth, in addition to her successful acting career.

When Mbedu joined the Board of Advisors of the international non-profit organization Save The Children in 2021, she demonstrated her commitment to empowering young girls and giving them the educational tools they need to thrive. Together with the other members of the Board of Advisors, Thuso serves as an advisory body and serves as a sounding board to discuss issues and identify solutions.

opportunities. Her current position has changed, and it is now known as Partnerships and Engagement Advisors.
She recently traveled to Diepkloof to witness the enormous, palpable effects that Choma Mag and the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) have had on the neighborhood.

Her unshakable dedication to leveraging her platform for good is strongly in line with L’Oréal Paris’ brand values and mission. Together, they hope to encourage people from all walks of life to embrace their beauty, celebrate variety, and cultivate confidence.

A New Phase In African Life
“We are thrilled to welcome Thuso Mbedu into our L’Oréal Paris family,” said L’Oréal Paris Sub-Saharan Africa. “This partnership with Thuso Mbedu is intended to transform beauty standards and inspire a wave of self-worth and confidence across the continent. She truly embodies our purpose with her extraordinary talent, ageless beauty, and dedication to helping others.

We are eager to start on this amazing adventure with you in order to encourage people to embrace their individuality and appreciate their inner beauty.
Burkhard Pieroth, president of L’Oréal in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Mission To Rescue Kenyan First Ever Military Action Movie

Mission to Rescue is a Kenyan movie set along the Kenya- Somali border, the Kenya Special Operations Forces who are training for their next mission receive word that the Assistant County Commissioner and two others have been abducted by the Al-Shabaab militia. Mission to rescue stems from the story of a French woman who was kidnapped by the Al-Shabab. Created in 2019, the idea seeks to highlight the effects of radicalization within the community that aim to curb terrorism.

The film’s star-studded cast features; Melvin Alusa, Warsame Abdi, Abdi Yusuf, Emmanuel Mugo, Andreo Kamau, Abubakar Mwenda, Sam Psenjen, Anthony Ndung’u, Bilal Mwaura, Justin Mirichi, Abajah Brian, Melissa Kiplagat, Brian Ogola, and Mwamburi Maole.

The Film is starring Melvin Alusa a stage, screen, and voice actor with over 16 years of experience with performances in over 10 countries. His work on stage includes Githaa, silence is a woman and Alpa beta.

On Tv and Film, he has featured in the first-grader, The boy who harnessed the wind, and the TV series crime and Justice. He’s on the radio drama Jango Love earned him an Emmy nomination at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Another main cast is

Res who is a Somalia model-actor, and voice-over artist. His first screen appearance is on the TV drama Anda Kavaa and is currently featuring in the local radio drama, Salaam. The Movie was produced by Kara Voice Wambui and Directed by Gildert Lukalia.


Set within a military camp along the Kenya-Somalia border, the Kenya Special Operations Forces who are training for their next mission receive word that the Assistant County Commissioner and two others have been abducted by the Al-Shabaab militia. Under the leadership of Captain Baraza, the soldiers make attempts to rescue the abductees and capture or eliminate the enemy amidst tough conditions.

Mission to Rescue was premiered exclusively on BAZE -Safaricom’s new video streaming platform on June 1st, 2021. Dial *544*55# to Join BAZE

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Kiu Kenyan Film Official HD Trailer

The drought ravages on as a loner woman travels the scathing land desperately searching for water.
Things however get complicated when she has a strange encounter on the way to the trade shop.


Directed By: Njiiri Karago
Screenplay By : Thiongo Karago
Produced By: Sharon Mindot Joe Mahinda
Cast: Kendi Kinyua, Zawadi Kayyoh, David Ng’anga, Mukami Njiiru & Anthony Ashioya

Blink ProductionsKE
Email: info@blinkproductions.co.ke

Idris Elba Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018

Elba is People’s 33rd Sexiest Man Alive, joining a long list of Hollywood’s hottest, starting with a then-29-year-old Mel Gibson in 1985 to last year’s pick Blake Shelton.

Idrissa  Akuna Elda

Though he was an athlete at his all-boys school in London, playing first-string football, basketball, cricket, hockey and rugby, the actor insists he went through an awkward phase first. “I was very tall and skinny,” says the 6’3″ Elba. “And my name was Idrissa Akuna Elba, okay? I got picked on a little bit. But again, as soon as I could grow a mustache, I was the coolest kid on the block. Grew a mustache, had some muscles, bonkers.”

When he’s not being one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, Elba might be deejaying in Ibiza, kickboxing in Thailand, or designing his own clothing line, not to mention planning his wedding to his fiancée Sabrina Dhowre, 29, a model, to whom he proposed in February. But picking the happiest moment of his life is easy.

“Being witness to the birth of my children is the biggest and best thing ever,” says Elba, who has a 16-year-old daughter, Isan, and a 4-year-old son, Winston (both from previous relationships). “I’m super doting, big hugs, kisses, lots of love-yous. I’m sure my daughter’s like, ‘All right Dad, chill out.’ My son is still at that age where he loves a cuddle.”

As for making a connection, Elba has learned the importance of “eye contact and empathy. You know, sort of reading someone’s vibe,” he says. “I love being confident, but also I know when to rein it in and just stay humble and grounded.”

For now, the actor strives to live with as few regrets as possible. “Life isn’t about thinking about what you should have done,” adds Elba, who is currently shooting the Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw with former Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne Johnson. “I think everyone should adopt the philosophy that tomorrow is not promised so just go for it today, man. You might as well do it to your heart’s content.

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Subira Film Official HD Trailer

A free-spirited young girl, in Lamu struggles to live out her unique dream of swimming in the ocean, against local customs and an arranged upper- class marriage. Does Subira have the courage to take her dream on, against all odds?

Subira was first screened as a short film in 2008 and was a tremendous success in Europe, after being screened in Brussels as part of an African film festival.

It won 15 international awards and now Kenyans will get to see the feature of the film, which has been made to a full-length movie.

Subira Film feature Brenda Wairimu Directed By   Sippy Chadha

Raised in an orthodox Muslim community in the remote island of Lamu, her tyrannical mother wants Subira to follow tradition; learn household chores and aim to be a good wife just like the rest and forget to live out her unique dream of swimming in the ocean. Does she have the courage to take her dream on, against all odds?

Sippy Chadha, the director of the film, says Subira’s story comes from a place of deep personal experience ,She recalls that while growing up as a girl, in a traditional family in India, her entire life was laid out in front of her.

Ravneet Sippy Chadha  – (as Ravneet Chadha)
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Ravneet Sippy Chadha – (as Ravneet Chadha)
Lorenzo Favella
Vibeke Muasya

Brenda Wairimu  as Subira
Walter Keyombe as Geofrey
Tirath Padam  as  Taufiq
Nice Githinji as  Mwana
Ali Mwangola as  Adam Hussein
Shirleen Wangari as Waitress
Clifford Okumu as  Shopkeep keeper
Chantelle Winnie as Older Noor
Azza Bakkar as Sara
Wambui Gitobu as Girl at swimming pool
Tony Make as Dad of small girl
Abubakar Mwenda as  Ali
Godfrey Odhiambo as  Askari

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Bahati bags lucrative deal with NTV Kenya The Reality Show Duded Being Bahati

The Gospel singer is set to become a reality star thanks to his new show on NTV Kenya dubbed ‘Being Bahati’ that will start airing every Sunday

Beign Bahati Reality Show

After airing the first episode, many claimed were not sure what the reality show is all about. The show had a cameo from several artists who spoke about the gospel singer and his family but a few Kenyans begged the singer to make it more creative.

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1988 Kenyan Film Official HD Trailer

A short film highlighting the occurrences in Nyayo House torture chambers will premier in Kenya soon, Asimba said the film will be released online so that as many people as possible can watch in order to shade some light on Kenya’s dark and not so memorable past.
‘1988‘ is a short film on the life and events of the Kenyan society in the late 80’s, involving civil rights infractions against freedom of speech, detaining that concluded with violent torture at the Nyayo chambers.


1988‘ is a modern-day adaptation, illustrating the blurred lines between dictatorship and democracy in modern African countries. The film reflects on how, commoners fought for their rights irregardless of attaining freedom equally, living in fear. Not to mention how the privileged with power, maintained law and order, by means of oppression. In conclusion, this freedom had restrictions, had rules, regulations and strict limitations.

Dream Child Kenyan Film Official HD Trailer

Zamaradi Productions and Athari Films have unveiled the official trailer to an upcoming Kenyan film dubbedDream Child ‘, which features actors Bryan Kabugi, Eddy imani, Irene Ayimba, Ebby Weyime and Ruth Apondi.
‘Dream Child’ tells the story of Kevin, a young high achieving teenager whose life is full of promise, in and out of school. Everything changes when he discovers a horrible secret that threatens to redefine everything in life as he knows it.

Grappling with having to find himself, and overcome a lot of what has now become an illusion, Kevin tries to solve things by himself, which proves a daunting task. He is trapped in a cruel society and a seemingly kind but evidently dark world, but one where he must succeed.

Kevin is budding teenager whose life radiate brilliance and promise. He’s one of those rare endearing straight-forward kids who score highly in and out of school. But everything changes when he discovers a horrid secret that threatens to redefine everything in life as he knows it. Armed with only what society has given him – largely a moral illusion – Kevin tries to solve things by himself. It proves a daunting task. He finds himself trapped between a cruel society and a seemingly kind but dark world. Everything is not how he was taught yet he must succeed. The dragon he must slay has many faces, some of which are dear to him. With no one to talk to, will Kevin go back to being the DREAM CHILD.

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