Thursday 29th of September 2022

Nairobi, Kenya

Dinner Experience: Moët & Chandon Hosts A Food Pairing At The Radisson Blu Hotel In Upperhill.

Thursday, June 30th, Nairobi Moët & Chandon hosted Champagne lovers, friends, and key partners to an exclusive food pairing dinner at Radisson Blu Hotel Upper Hill’s Chophouse restaurant.

The event’s goal was to provide guests with a sensory experience in which they could learn about the subtleties and philosophies of Moët & Chandon champagne.

Alexandre Helaine, Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa, said at the event: ” “We strive to provide our customers with unique, immersive, and memorable experiences at Moët& Chandon. Combining expertise with various artists to create memorable moments with the world’s most popular champagne.”

Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed Seared Scallops with Black Salt paired with Moët Imperial Brut, Bresaola paired with Moët Imperial Brut, and Duck paired with Moët Rose Imperial. Macarons were served with Moët Nectar Imperial as a dessert.

“This pairing enhances the dining experience by enhancing the flavors, textures, and various expressions of the food. We continue to evolve inspiration and create passion centered on sharing success and glamour with the world,” “Mr. Helaine added.

Moët & Chandon invites you to raise a glass and toast to all of life’s memorable moments!

About Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon, founded in 1743, is the Maison that helped to introduce champagne to the world by offering a variety of unique wines for every occasion.

Each champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate, and an elegant maturity, from the iconic Mot Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, from the extroverted Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial to the innovative Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial.

Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice to commemorate historical events or private moments of great personal significance since its inception. Moët & Chandon has a champagne style that is uniquely suited to each of life’s memorable moments.

Content Courtesy of Moët & Chandon, African Elite Group Ltd & NFH

To Celebrate International Women’s Day, Moët & Chandon Hosts A Dining Experience.

Nairobi, March 8, 2022, To commemorate International Women’s Day, luxury champagne firm Moët & Chandon sponsored a dinner experience at the Sankara Hotel. The event gathered together phenomenal women from various professions, Friends of Mot and Media, to commemorate and celebrate the contribution of women in society while popping champagne bottles.

International Women’s Day is a worldwide recognized day that celebrates women throughout the world while motivating them to reach their full potential. With this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias, Moët & Chandon sought to recognize and reward women who are making lasting contributions to society in various ways.

The attendees at the event addressed how they are overcoming the bias and how they might enhance their efforts to achieve gender equality at the workplace and in society.

Alexandre Helaine, Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa, led the event and guided guests through the art of mixing Moët & Chandon. The visitors were immersed in the world of Moët & Chandon through several types of food, the brand’s past, and the basic principles.

Alexandre Helaine stated during the event, “We are deeply committed to bringing women together and providing a forum for them to converse and interact. It is time to celebrate women’s accomplishments, acknowledge obstacles, and concentrate more emphasis on women’s rights and gender equality in order to mobilize all people to do their part.”

“As Moët & Chandon, we aspire to build unforgettable experiences for our consumers and to share the events in their life worthy of a bottle of Moët & Chandon,” Mr. Helaine added.

According to Joyce Wangui, Director of Sales and Marketing, “We were thrilled to join our partner Moët & Chandon in honoring women’s amazing achievements on International Women’s Day. This particular occasion was about bringing together a small number of women from various professions to recognize their ongoing support for Sankara Nairobi. As a member of Marriott International, we acknowledge and engage in the worldwide discourse around gender equality and women’s empowerment.” ”

Moët & Chandon would want to recognize women all throughout the globe who make a difference every day.


About Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon, founded in 1743, is the Maison that helped to the introduction of champagne to the globe by delivering a variety of distinctive wines for every occasion. Each champagne dazzles and thrills with vibrant fruitiness, an intriguing taste, and an exquisite maturity, from the classic Moët Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, from the exuberant Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial to the inventive Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial.

Since its inception, Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice for commemorating historical events as well as intimate occasions of tremendous personal significance.  offers a champagne-style that is individually suited to each of life’s significant occasions.

Content courtesy of Moët & Chandon & NFH 

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