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Moet Hennessy Takes Top East African acts on an Exclusive VIP Experience to France

Vanessa Mdee , Lucia Musau , Daniel Lubwama Kigozi”Navio” , Shaffie Weru , Alexandre Helaine

Moët Hennessy which is part of The No.1 luxury company LVMH – Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, invited top acts from East Africa to France in an experience dubbed #MoetHennessyVIPTrip.

The experience involved a visit to the hearts of Hennessy in Cognac and Moët & Chandon in Epernay, Champagne region of France. This VIP experience aimed at giving insights and an immersion to the Moët Hennessy world of luxury

The invites got to visit both the Hennessy’s Chateau Bagnolet and Moët & Chandon’s Chateau Trianon. Different Kings and Queens have dined in these Chateaux which are strictly by invite only

Those invited included: Award winning Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Lucia Musau and Radio host Shaffie Weru from Kenya, Musician Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania and Navio from Uganda. Accompanied by Alexandre Helaine, Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa

Mr. Alexandre Helaine mentioned that, “East Africa is a fast growing market and people are looking for quality goods. The trip is a great way to showcase the luxury histories and traditions of our houses Hennessy Cognac and Moet & Chandon Champagne to big stars from Africa. It’s all about blending history, traditions, know how, quality and art”

The No.1 luxury company LVMH – Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, invited top acts from East Africa to France in an experience dubbed #MoetHennessyVIPTrip.

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Learn How to Wear Wig in 7 Simple Steps

Wearing a wig can be a lot of fun whether you’re doing it to cover hair loss or just want to enjoy the variety of hair styles, lengths and colors that wearing a wig makes it possible to achieve. Wigs always warm up to the temperature of the human body, so in winter, a wig may replace a hat. In summer, wigs are used to protect your hair from the sun or even help you out on vacation, when there is no time for hair styling. That being said, wigs take some getting used to and there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing the right one for you and even wearing them.

Certain wigs need to be treated in specified ways, and how they are applied is extremely important as well or they will look artificial. There are also all sorts of different pins and clips to use along with wigs as well and it’s important to know which one is right for what purpose. Wearing a wig is easy once you get used to it and below are some tips to help you through your first few times of donning them initially.

Yemi Alade

1# step Hairpieces and wigs have the ability to conform naturally to the shape of the head. Initially, the hairs are sewn onto a one-size, shapeless container that will gradually, within 3 to 4 days, conform to the shape of the head. While trying the wig the very first time it might feel uncomfortable and insecure, but that is to be expected. Even leather shoes need time to be broken in before they are comfortable enough to be worn steadily.

2# step Synthetic hair wigs are of a standard size, but you can tighten or loosen them by means of special adjustable straps on the inside. As per above description, the wigs are stretchable. You can stretch the wig by carefully misting it with water and pinning the wig to a larger head-form or any similar object.

3# step In the case of a custom human hair wig, the manufacturer will take exact measurements of the client’s head size and shape, as well as make a precise tracing of the hairline.

4# step Before applying your wig it’s a good idea to lightly style your wig on a wig blockhead attached using wig t-pens which will hold it in place on the canvas or Styrofoam blockhead while you gently style (cover seams etc.).

5# step Typically when you are wearing a wig over hair you need to find a way to conceal it besides simply rearranging it on your head. To wear a wig, you do not need to cut off your own natural hair. Those wishing to hide their natural beauty would just need to use a fishnet cap under the wig. The cap provides the necessary grip to hold your natural hair without poking through the wig.

6# step Wig caps are typically the answer but if you have lots of hair you might need to do something different. If the client has long hair, then it is divided into strands that are distributed evenly throughout the head and secured with special pins. The remaining hair, for example, at the temples, can be smoothed by means of gel to make the wig fit securely and tightly enough on the client’s head. You can do French braids and then put a wig cap over your hair. You can pin curls up and then use a wig cap and smooth them out, or you can do a combination of these techniques in order to get your hair tight and flat enough to be hidden underneath. Using wig clips has been reported to thin hair in places and cause breakage when worn continually.

7# step Once you have your hair successfully tightened up and flat enough to be concealed then you’ll want to put the wig on which is fairly easy, however you’ll want to take the time to make sure it is aligned properly on your head and around your face. If your wig doesn’t have hair lace you’ll want to put it on like normal and start pulling out your hair across the front area of your forehead. Keep pulling at these areas and moving them to the side until you are happy with the way it looks. You’ll probably see a seam in the hair now but you can use a comb to comb lightly over that seam and then match up the edge with your hairline for the right, natural look.

Full Lace Options Full lace wigs require that you put the wig on, get it in a position you are happy with, and then pin the hair back with hair clips in order to reveal your scalp line. Next you should trim any lace that sticks out past the hairline one little bit at a time. Be careful and persistent so that you get it right. Once you are done with the trimming and positioning you can apply wig tape and adhesive to the wig. Lastly pull the full lace wig onto your head and make sure that you carefully position it. The hairline should meet your wig and look completely natural. Hold it in position for 30 seconds while it adheres and you’ll have a full lace wig that is properly applied and natural looking too. Keep in mind that front or full lace wigs are not meant to be worn for long periods of time.

Today wigs are extremely popular and the latest styles, if they are high quality, look natural as well. Whether they are synthetic or made of real hair, today’s wigs are exceptional in most cases, and if you follow the wig wearing tips listed here, you’ll love wearing them and the versatility they deliver.

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Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week 2014

Just Like That Ltd Kenya’s Leading Fashion Events Company, Brainchild of Founder/Designer Sonu Sharma, has hosted various Premier Fashion Events in the Country over the last 5 Years, such as Trendz Kenya Fashion Festival / Trendz Kenya Fashion Week. The above events have gained great Regional / International attention and have rapidly become Sub-Saharan Africa’s most beloved Fashion extravaganza, Strongly contributing to consolidating Kenya’s positioning as the Fashion / Urban Lifestyle Capital of Africa. Keeping the Heritage Alive of “Bringing the World to Kenya and taking Kenya to the World”, we present “Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week “which will witness yet another grand gathering of World Class International and Regional Fashion Designers, High Profile Labels, Sponsors & Media this Aug 2014.

THE AIM –To Expose Kenya as the Established Fashion & Urban Lifestyle Capital of Africa.

THE OBJECTIVE – Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week Believes in building Relationships, Creating Opportunities & Encouraging Excellence in Quality.


Fine Designers from Africa and around the world showcasing exquisite collections. World Class entertainment. Exhibits of Lifestyle & Luxury Products and Services. VIP Red Carpet Dinner & reception. KWFW After Party-“Celebrate the Nite” Schedule- KENYA WORLDWIDE FASHION WEEK 30 & 31 AUGUST 2014


Best Dressed Couple at KENYA WORLDWIDE FASHION WEEK 2014- Wins-Joburg ’/ Nairobi / Joburg’ Airline Ticket Courtesy South African Airways

Venue – The Tribe Hotel , Pool Side(VIP Gala Fashion Show & Dinner (6PM – 11PM)

11PM-After Party” CELEBRATE THE NITE“ @ The Village Market

CALL- +254-0-706376796 or DROP MAIL – Kenyaworldwidefashionwk@gmail.com



Venue – The Village Market (Food Court)

9AM – 6PM , Great Raffle Prizes to be Won !!

Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week 2014 SUPPORTED BY –

Mercedes Benz
Red Bull
Raka Finest Kenyan Cheese.
Xpose Ltd
YOU C – 1000
South African Airways
Pride Drive
Dhiiren’s Hair & Beauty College
Safari King –Natural Spring Water .
Healthy U
The Village Market ( Exhibition & After Party Venue Partner)
Tribe Hotel – VIP Gala Show Venue + Hospitality Partner
Media Partners –

Nation Media Group- Official Media Partner
Fashion One – Official Fashion Channel
Couture Africa Mag’
Kenya Buzz
East FM
Participating world renowned Designers/Labels

Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week 2014 will be graced by the Finest designers/Labels that will strut their collections down the runway.

There will be a concoction of demurring charm, dazzling luxury and eternal classics from fashion’s most sought-after designers.

This Years Line up of Designers –

1. John Kaveke – Kenya

2.Mandira Bedi – India

3. Joan Ibuzo *House of Marie – Nigeria

4. Deepak Perwani – Pakistan

5. Wanyoike Lewis- Kenya

6. Sougat Paul *Soup – India

7. Paledi Segapo *Palse – South Africa

8. Madafu Moxie*Madafu Moxie – Kenya

9. Spero Villioti *Spero Villioti Couture-South Africa

10. Margaux Marionette*Margaux – Reunion (French Islands)

For more information contact –

Sonu Sharma, Founder Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week & MD – Just Like That Ltd.

Mail – sonu@justlikethatltd.com           Tel Mb- +254-736-779259

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Nairobi Half Life

Nairobi Half Life is a 2012 Kenyan drama film directed by David “Tosh” Gitonga. The film was selected as the Kenyan entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but did not make the final shortlist, and is the first time Kenya has submitted a film in this category

At the 33rd Durban International Film Festival, Joseph Wairimu won the award for Best Actor. He also won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Most Promising Actor from the Awards 9th ceremony.

It won the most awards at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014.

A young man, Mwas (Joseph Wairimu) still lives with his parents in their rural home in Kenya. He makes a living by selling western action films, he dramatically acts and portrays most of the action figures in his films in order to entice his customers. He is an aspiring actor, and when he comes across a group of actors from Nairobi performing in his town, he asks one of them to help him jump start his acting career. But, in return, he is asked to give ksh1000 (approximately US$10) in order for him to be cast in one of the plays. He can only afford ksh500 and is told to take the other 500 with him to the National theatre in Nairobi. He is very excited, and, after receiving some money from his mother, he embarks on his journey to Nairobi with a brief stop over in his town to bade his friends goodbye. He meets his cousin (a gang leader) who gives Mwas an expensive radio system and some money to take to Khanji electronic shop in downtown Nairobi.


After making his way to Nairobi, he quickly learns that there is more to Nairobi than just opportunities and glamour. On the first day, Mwas loses everything he has to Nairobi thugs and is left stranded and confused especially because he knows no one. He gets arrested and even spends a day in jail. In a twist of events, he meets a Nairobi crook Oti (Olwenya Maina) who becomes a close friend and takes him into his criminal gang. The gang itself specializes in snatch and grab thievery with vehicle parts being their main targets. During this time, Mwas auditions and successfully lands a part in a local play set up by Phoenix Players. He finds himself struggling and juggling the two separate worlds. Mwas finally meets his cousin again who ends up forcing him to steal a car in order to clear his debt. He convinces the gang to move up from stealing parts to stealing cars in order to earn more. During that time, he falls in love with Oti’s onscreen love interest Amina, coming to see her at the lodgings at which she receives customers and even taking her out to the films.

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Nigerian Top 10 Female Fashion Bloggers

Nairobi Fashion Hub blogging gives a clear and innovative glimpse towards current trends and it also highlights future breakthroughs in African fashion styles. There are top fashion bloggers who have impacted the fashion scene and also carved the style trends. In this piece, we are going to feature some of the top Nigerian fashion blogs that are getting us eager to know everything about fashion.

1. Fisayo Sayo Longe ~ mirrorme.com

Fisayo is the genius behind one of the top fashion blogs, mirrorme.me. She shares captivating insights into African fashion, travel and even shopping tips. Her inspiration is drawn from different cultures and places around the world. This has made her blog one of the top sources of unique fashion content.

2. Folake Huntoon ~ stylepantry.com

Her blog, stylepantry.com is a collection of multiple tips and glimpses to top styles. It has some of the most diverse style tips that keep it fresh and lively. She caters for African style and beauty needs for both men and women. This has made her one of the top Nigerian fashion blogs.

3. Uche Eze Pedro ~ bellanaija.com

Uche is a multi-talented entrepreneur and one of the leading Nigerian fashion bloggers. BellaNaija.com, her blog features the most inspirational and up-to-date informative tips on everything fashion. She has been nominated for various awards and recognized for outstanding work in the fashion industry.

4. Yemisi Aiyedun ~ sisyemmie.com

Yemisi Aiyedun is among the most fun and graceful people in the fashion scene. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that she directs one of the most popular fashion blogs in Nigeria. Her blog features different content including style, beauty and even romance tips. This has made her a darling among many readers and a popular one at that.

5. Sayedero Enytan ~thefashionegineer.com

Sayedero is a top fashion blogger and a style icon. She creates enchanting content centered on both beauty and style for men and women. Her brainchild, thefashionengineer.com is among the most innovative Nigerian fashion blogs. Whether you are looking for style tips or the top fashion brands, this blog has got you covered.

6. Seyi Famuyiwa ~ infashiontrust.com

Seyi Famuyiwa established her blog, infashionitrust.com as a way to bring out what she loves about African fashion and style. She started this in 2012 and it has grown to become one of the most influential of Nigerian fashion blogs. Her posts also feature inspirational bits and pieces and this is one of the reasons why we love this blog.

7. Ono Bello ~ onobello.com

Ono Bello is an innovator and one of the most sought after African fashionistas. Her blog, onobello.com, is an appealing content collection of informative posts on Nigerian clothes’ styles. She focuses mainly on current trends and fashion tips for the modern fashionista.

8. Sara Audu ~ princeaudu.blospot.com

Sara mainly focuses on the loveliness of the African print as the basis of her fashion content. Her blog features the loveliest trends and tips on how to make outfits work beautifully. The authentic feel and African touch gives a unique touch to her posts and makes you love African fashion.

9. Casandra Ikegbune ~ cassiedavess.com

Her blog is a collection of Nigerian clothes designs and helpful stylish tips. Her inspiration is mainly on African-inspired looks in modern fashion. She also keeps her content fresh in updated pieces on the trending African styles. This helps when keeping tabs with the latest information.

10. Hanifa Abubakar ~ haniiiifa.com

She has one of the clearest Nigerian fashion blogs, haniiiifa.com. It is a beautiful collection of the latest trends and stylish fashion tips on African clothes. Her blog is centered on elegant simplicity in everyday outfits. She also has informative segments that keep you glued to her blog.

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