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Moët & Chandon: The Impérial Way 8 Nations Across Africa Toast Champagne On The Champagne Day.

Raising a glass of champagne in joy is the ultimate expression of life’s high points.
And if anyone has perfected the craft of creating champagne, it’s Moët & Chandon.
The champagne Maison has been synonymous with this innate “know-how,” which the French so charmingly refer to as “savoir-faire,” throughout the course of its 2.5-century history with 1,190 hectares of vineyards and 28 kilometers of underground cellars, Moët & Chandon is claiming to have the most extensive winemaking foundation in the entire Champagne region.

It has led the path for others to follow and has eventually defined what excellent winemaking is breaking the rules is a sign of courage, and the cork’s triumphant explosion represents hundreds of years of craftsmanship, invention, and tradition.
Champagne Day was celebrated on October 28 across the world,  we’ve enjoyed the tradition of raising a champagne glass in celebration for decades.
However, on this particular day, it provided a special occasion to honor the festive beverage itself and toast to the Maison that has created that relationship, Moët & Chandon, which was appointed in 1748 to provide Versailles’ French royal court with supplies.
With the support of the entire world, it becomes sense that Moët & Chandon would eminently bring together numerous nations in Africa to celebrate champagne.

Moët & Chandon hosted 8 private events that drew Friends of the House, famous people, and dignitaries together to exhibit their reputation for glitz and savoir-fête around the area.
Michelle Ntalami, Maps Maponyane of South Africa, Nancy Sumari of Tanzania, and Timini Egbuson of Nigeria were among those chosen to organize these regional celebrations, raising a glass to the Maison and its ongoing success.

These individuals had already been to Épernay withMoët & Chandon in May, Champagne Day was celebrated the Imperial Way at these 8 small-scale, glitzy parties from South Africa to Kenya.
the Villa Kempinski in Nairobi, the Belmond Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town, and the Johari Rotana Hotel in Dar es Salaam, among other stunning locations across the continent.

Each offering distinctive dining experiences and thoughtfully selected photo opportunities, such interactive glitter pods to amplify the excitement.
35 special visitors from Kenya, including Michelle Ntalami, Octopizzo, Lucia Musau, Anita Nderu, Kate Actress, and Nick Ndeda, graced the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel in Nairobi.

When they arrived, guests were directed to the balcony bar’s patio to sip Moet & Chandon Imperial before going inside to a 5-course matched lunch.
Guests were served sophisticated meal pairings to go with Mot & Chandon champagnes while seated at a long table decorated with flowers and glass bubbles.
Highlights included Suprême de Volaille, Mot & Chandon Rosé Imperial with Smoked Beef Filet, and Mot & Chandon Imperial with Sushi Dragon Roll.

“Champagne Day is an occasion to honor how we have created the industry, distilling unmatched quality into every bottle for nearly three centuries, as a Maison with such a rich heritage of winemaking excellence.
Aimee Kellen, Head of Consumer Engagement for Moët Hennessy Africa and the Middle East, declares that it is the true desire ofMoët & Chandon’s to spread that delight throughout Africa and the world.

About Moët & Chandon
By providing a variety of distinctive wines for every occasion, Moët & Chandon, a Maison that was established in 1743, helped to introduce champagne to the globe.
Each champagne, whether it be from the renowned Moët Impérial or the Grand Vintage Collection, the outgoing Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial or the avant-garde Mot & Chandon Ice Impérial, dazzles and delights with vibrant fruitiness, an alluring palate, and beautiful maturity.

Since its inception, Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice to commemorate significant historical or private moments.
Each of life’s memorable milestones has a Moët & Chandon champagne style that perfectly captures the moment.

Content courtesy of Moët & Chandon, African Elite Group Ltd & NFH

The Hennessy My Way Challenge Returns In Its Third Edition.

Hennessy, the world’s best Cognac, launched the third edition of the Hennessy My Way Challenge on April 25, 2022, in Nairobi. This global competition brings together top bartenders to demonstrate their mixology skills with Hennessy VS.

The initiative’s goal is to encourage bartenders to stay creative while honing their craft. Six bartenders will compete in the third edition of the challenge in Kenya, showcasing their art in making delicious twists on Hennessy cocktails and luxurious stir downs with homemade ingredients and syrups.

Alexandre Helaine – Moet Hennessy, Market Manager, Eastern Africa, said of the initiative, “The Hennessy My Way challenge is the perfect example for bartenders to showcase their creativity, whether it’s an inspiration from their favorite flavors or an experiment in personal expression.”

“The competition will continue to inspire bartenders to stay on top of their game and do what they love best, creating expressive cocktails, whether it’s an inspiration from their favorite flavors or an experiment in personal expression.” Mr. Helaine added his voice.

Participating bartenders will be compensated financially, with the top five global winners receiving 2000€.

Hennessy invites you to join the movement and share your #HennessyMyWay creations.
There is no such thing as a wrong way; only your way.

Use the hashtag #HennessyKE.

Hennessy has proudly sustained an unparalleled heritage built on adventure, discovery, and nurturing the best that nature and man can provide from its seat in the French province of Cognac and throughout its 257-year existence.
The House’s longevity and success across five continents reflect the values it has preserved since its founding: the transmission of a distinct savoir-faire, a never-ending drive for innovation, and an unshakable commitment to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development.

Please Drink Responsibly.

For more information, contact the African Elite Group at info@africanelitegroup.com.

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Who is Kenya’s best dressed politician?

Best dressed politicians in Kenya

Who is the best-dressed politician in Kenya? It’s difficult to pick just one.

All of us human beings like to compete. In anything and everything.  Particularly us men. And the dress-up fashion department is one we like to compete in. Especially for men with resources. And the government is, of course, full of such men. Politicians with a tonne of personal resources. Businessmen who have worked really hard to get to where they are. Well, most of them anyway.

In a room full of wealthy gentlemen it takes special fashion skills to be able to stand out.

Now, I’m certain you’ve already seen a lot of lists online. Lists on the best-dressed politicians in Kenya. Random lists with very little detail and know-how. Lists that have been put together just for the sake of it.

This is not one of those lists. Because at Nairobi fashion hub we like to take the business of fashion very seriously. So here’s a well thought out video we came across on Lee Makwiny’s youtube channel. It breaks down 2 of the best-dressed politicians in Kenya. It does so by very systematically assessing each politician’s sense of style. And not only that. It leaves you feeling inspired to up your fashion game as well. Particularly if your man. Because Kenyan men can sometimes tend to get lazy with their dressing. I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints from our women. I’ve had multiple women tell me. “I went for our date in a lovely wedding gown that took me weeks to save up for. And he showed up in a t-shirt and jeans. What a waste!” Don’t let that be you.

So without further ado. Here are 2 of the best-dressed politicians in Kenya. Enjoy and draw fashion inspiration.


Why Dating Matters

Nowadays, we live our lives online, and dating doesn’t matter.

Anything can be sorted in a second because we live in a digital world. Alex doesn’t need to wait near a telephone for Cynthia to call him at exactly 3 pm on Friday.

John Doe spotted Jane Doe twerking on Instagram and DMed her for her other social media pages. Then, they flirted on Twitter with cute emoticons, before Skyping their love away and getting engaged on Facebook in front of his close friends and families.

So John can’t understand why Jane wants physical dates now.

His mind keeps wondering: Why hustle so hard?  Can’t she ask him instead? Why put himself out there? Will the boys make fun over him because he’s pining over his crush? What if he’s crush says no? Isn’t dating overrated? What if she only wants me for A or B? Why bother if they’ll still break up, anyway? Why do face to face conversations matter so much when I can text her instead? Don’t all words matter.

So here’s a small list looking at why dating still matters.


Adam sees the most beautiful women, every day, on his way to work, but he’s never spoken to her. Instead, he fantasizes that she’s probably the muse of his dreams. Adam asks her out on a date to see his emotions are running wild or if there’s something valid there. It’ll also help him separate the wheat from the chaff.


Lisa likes taking things nice and slow because why rush perfection. She doesn’t like people that try to speed up the whole dating process. It feels like they have something to hide. So during dating, she can set the pace.


Stacy has pet peeves that she can’t overlook and she’d rather stay on her own. As she goes out on her second, or third date, she’s able to communicate this, freely and it gives the other person, an opportunity to decide if they still want to pursue Stacy or not.


Tom isn’t looking for a typical relationship, and he’s not afraid to say it. Instead, he’s looking for something experimental, like ‘She’s Gotta Have It.’ Diana has been meditating and praying, about dating with a purpose. She realises about Tom and instantly understands that they’re incompatible.


Lulu knows that by going out with James, she’ll learn something new about herself. It’ll feel like she’s staring at her reflection, in a vulnerable way.


Alternatively, James can build a solid foundation through each shared experience with his partners. It lets both of them understand each other, plus build trust and intimacy.

Priscilla Ray Life Story

In person, Ray is a delight; she’s bubbly, talkative and insanely funny. She greets me with a big hug, and agrees that we leave Café Javas to have our chat at Riders Lounge, Acacia Place, which was a lot quieter. Dressed in a blue Baum und pferdgarten ruffled striped shirt, and a pair of off-white printed textured Derek Lam 10 Crosby wide-leg pants.

Her hair, which she flips incessantly (because who wouldn’t?) is in a beautiful dark brown shade, a perfect match for her skin tone. She’s carrying a brown Chanel purse, which I later find out set her back a staggering $5000.

She was discovered at the age of 15, when she walked into Sylvia Owori’s ‘Sylvie’s Boutique’ on Kampala road, and asked if she could be a model. She was fresh from school wearing her Kitante Hill School uniform and dirty shoes.

“My friend and I were walking from school when we stumbled upon Sylvia Owori’s boutique,” she recalls. “I had been seeing and reading about all these glamorous things she was doing, and I thought ‘why not go in and give it a shot?’”

She was received with ‘wows’, and before she left, she met Sylvia Owori, who was blown away by her unique features. She signed with ‘Ziper Models’, one of the first modelling agencies in East Africa, and kicked off a life of runway shows, magazine spreads, advertising and glitzy events. This life of lights and attention was a wide swatch from the life she was familiar with at home.

Ray was born in 1986 in Kampala to an Italian father and a Mutooro mother. When she was 9 years old, her father disappeared, she has never seen him again.

“I wouldn’t say he was a loving father, but he cared for us. My mother would occasionally take me to his home to visit. One fateful morning, the images are still very vivid in my mind, we went to see him, only to be told that he was gone. No communication, nothing. He just left, “she recalls.

Her mother immediately took on the role of mother and father to her 5 children. “She was an uneducated poor woman, but she tried her best to provide. She made sure we had a normal childhood, albeit living in abject poverty.”

” Motherhood, The easiest job I’ve had to do so far. “

She and her siblings were always in and out of school because of the huge burden school fees was on their mother. At first, they lived on Kitante road, as her mother worked at a hotel close by. Then she lost the job and they moved to Rubaga where she rented a one-roomed house. Obviously things had to change. The kids had to walk a very long journey from home to school every morning.

“Life changed drastically. She would pack porridge or black tea without sugar in a flask. She would also prepare sweet potatoes. This would be our breakfast and lunch. She would do all this before leaving for work very early in the morning.

How she did it? I don’t even know,” she laughs. With all the gloom that hovered over them, they lived quite happily as a family.

When the little modelling jobs started bringing in some little cash, Ray chose to channel the income to her school fees to offset the burden her mother had. Towards her S6 final exams, she and her friends rented a small room deep down in Kifumbira slum on Mawanda road, to get closer school.

“It’s one of those things I can’t forget. Sometimes we would go days without using the bathroom to shower as it was shared by the whole neighbourhood, and it wasn’t the cleanest.”

Content courtesy of Satisfashion UG & Nairobi fashion hub Digital Team


Zumi Lifestyle and Fashion Media platform has finally shutdown

The investment came from Majlis Investment Management in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other international angel investors.

Launched in October of last year by William McCarren and Sabrina Dorman, ZUMI was originally intended to be a fashion e-commerce business.

“It wasn’t until after I had quit my job to launch this business and was doing research into potential content partners that I realised the gap in women’s digital media,” McCarren said.

“I was trying to find online women’s magazines to partner with but all I could find was outdated print magazines or online content for women in the West. This was the lightbulb moment, sitting in Java House in Nairobi, when I saw that we could create an online women’s magazine to capture this huge audience of content-starved, online users in Kenya.”

McCarren and Dorman decided to postpone the e-commerce idea until later and focus on digital media, and subsequently had 200,000 millennial women visit the website in its second month. ZUMI grew to a peak of just under one million unique users in July.

“We have also diversified into video, creating an in-house video production team who rack up five million views per month. With this rapid growth, we want to expand into new markets and business lines,” McCarren said.

The investment round will see ZUMI launch in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda in the next year.

Content courtesy of Zumi , weetracker & Nairobi fashion hub

Moet & Chandon Grand Day: Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial in Nairobi in Style

Moët & Chandon held its annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe where, for 24 hours, friends and guests of the Champagne House came together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, a global icon of celebration since 1869.

This year, the Moët & Chandon Grand Day, an annual rendez-vous debuted in 2016, continued its festive tradition with a glittering lineup of events celebrating the epic journey of Moët Impérial which, from the world’s podiums to Hollywood’s red carpet, has marked personal & public milestones launching global celebratory traditions for 150 years. From day to evening and well into the night, Moët & Chandon brought together over a million people from New York City to Ibiza and London to Nairobi, in a bubbling toast to its universal icon of celebration.

Guests were invited to celebrate their own iconic #MoetMoment with a glass of the alluring signature Moët Impérial, a style of champagne defined by a bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity.

In Nairobi, the 24-hour celebrations began with a media breakfast attended by the French Ambassador in Kenya and Somalia, Aline Kuster- Menagér, government officials and key trade partners of the French champagne house. This was followed by a gypset brunch served at the luxury boutique hotel – the Tribe. Gourmet canapes were served, designed around bespoke food pairings curated by a talented chef, as guests toasted with the vibrant Moët Impérial to an iconic occasion of their lives.

Later on champagne lovers danced the night away, where Moët & Chandon Grand Day brought its own special touch to Kiza Lounge presenting ‘Studio 1869’, a contemporary reinterpretation of New York City’s 70s glitz and glamorous discos through the lens of Moët Impérial, regular presence on their exclusive guest list of celebrities that were whisked past those legendary velvet ropes.

Moët & Chandon is synonymous today with celebration because for almost three centuries, we have combined our ‘savoir-faire’ (know-how) with our own art of the fête to perfect a unique ‘savoir-fête’ that has made our champagnes a great choice for toasting both intimate moments and important milestones,” says Alexandre Helaine Market Manger Eastern Africa Moët Hennessy. “On this Moët & Chandon Grand Day, we are thrilled to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, our signature champagne that has embodied the grandeur of the House since 1869.

Since 1743, Moët & Chandon has been a master of the art of celebration and savoir-fête contributing to the enduring appeal of celebratory installations, like the champagne pyramid, that have become a worldwide tradition.  Today the champagne pyramid is a signature symbol of the House and this art installation was the spectacular centerpiece of the events that took place on Moët & Chandon Grand Day, to set the “flow”  of overflowing and festive generosity.

Content courtesy of Moët – Chandon, Capital Fm Lifestyle  & Nairobi fashion hub


A Slay Queen’s Guide To Breaking Up

I don’t need an awkward, stretched out conversations about parting ways especially not when the power of speech is in my hands. Of course, I just reach into my bag, pull out my smartphone and share my sentiments via WhatsApp.

I can’t stress myself over that.

Break-ups are just a part of life and sometimes it’s just time to cut and run.

So here are a few pointers on ending it without breaking a sweat.

I can’t be caught unaware by that guy. I need to be on top of things so that I can cut him off at just the right time before s#&@ hits the fan. Indeed, I can’t be paraded in a screenshot shared, retweeted and commented on, detailing about how my standards are too high because ladies just can’t break the glass ceiling. In addition to him mentioning that he wants a nice girl that can get wild like Riri. Rolling my eyes slowly. Sipping Tea.

I cut to the chase. By being blunt and letting him know that I’m definitely done & dusted. Notably, I’m sure that my red heels will never walk in his direction again. I don’t want someone trying to revive something that’s already dead. Likewise, I don’t like men that don’t understand that no means no. Certainly, I’m not entitled to act ‘good’ and beat around the bush because life is too short and stress causes wrinkles.

Don’t stay single forever. Yes, I’ve left just him & my feelings are little dented and raw but that can’t slow me down. The ocean is far, wide and deep. Certainly, I just need to keep my ears to the ground and my eyes wide open till I spot another.

However, don’t entertain anyone. When you’re single the world is your oyster and you can practically cosy up to anyone. I can’t let this be me. Moreover, it’s not a good look on me since I like my standards impossibly high. It filters out the wheat from the chaff. Surely, have you ever heard of a slay queen on a budget?  

Practise self-care. I do that thing that makes me happy without a care in the world. Too many people assume that slay queens don’t have hearts but we bleed just like everyone else. I can visit a spa or do some retail therapy to feel better. However, don’t eat away your feelings because why undo all those gym sessions. I mean let’s stay fit together because I need to be able to fit in my little black dress.

I believe in removing all traces of him from your timeline if it’s possible. Unless I just need to keep that picture I can think about using Photoshop to remove him from it. Delete. Block. Unfriend. Unfollow. Repeat the mantra because it’s a cold, hard world.

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