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Work With Smile Leads To Success: An Exclusive Beauty Business Interview With Sina Tsegazeab Founder Of Natna Natural Hair

The renowned and high-quality hair distribution company Natna Hair, with headquarters in Uganda, recently debuted its newest item as part of the launch of its new collection.
The brand has been on the fast track to success, even releasing products not just for women but for men, in a time when appearance and self-care are the norms.
A couple of the products that the company’s catalog highlights are hair extensions for balding men and beard extensions.

We had an exclusive opportunity to speak with the company’s executive Sina Tsegazeab, who explains to us what this new collection means to their customers and why self-care and beauty are no longer a luxury but rather a way of life.

Ann Mumbi: What is Natna Natural Hair all about?

Sina Tsegazeab: Natna hair is a brand that deals with carefully selected human hair weaves, wigs, lace wigs, ponytails, closures, lashes, and so on.
All our products are made from 100% human hair that has no plastic, fiber or synthetic added.
You’re able to wash, dye, color, set, and do everything with them.

AM: When and how did you get into the hair and beauty industry?

ST: I started working in the cosmetics industry in 2013. It’s funny how I got into the business.

To cut a long tale short, buyers began to complain that the items weren’t up to par and were of poor quality after receiving a sizable purchase.
They were going through a terrible period, so they started seeking someone to give them advice.

As they were doing this, they remembered me, so I joined to offer assistance.

Because I used to plait weaves frequently, I had some knowledge.

They later found the business to be tough to manage, so they offered me an opportunity if I could take over.
I took over, changed the brand, and now I’m here.

AM: What were you doing before you decided to set up Natna Hair?

ST: I was a student at Cavendish University studying online marketing prior to starting the company.

AM: What was the catalyst in your journey?

ST: I constantly strive to be at the top of my game.

AM: How would you describe your signature look?

ST: decent, corporate office appearance.

AM: How important are the ingredients in hair care products?

ST: In brief, it’s like food, and nutritious food is necessary for our bodies, and the same is true of hair and hair products.
The components in hair care products are more significant than you can possibly understand.

AM: What’s a hair care secret that you wish more people knew?

ST: Using natural treatments prior to washing your hair and being aware of your hair type’s requirements.

AM: How important do you think it is for people to have a regular hair care regimen?

ST: Most individuals overlook the fact that taking care of one’s hair should be part of a routine, much like taking care of one’s skin or exercising.

AM: A client comes in and asks for a style that you do not think will suit their face.
How do you respond?

ST: So, in situations like that, the first thing I do is tell them why that wouldn’t be ideal for them. Most of the time, they comprehend and are willing to attempt what I advise. If not, I value their viewpoint.

AM: What treatment methods would you recommend if a client came in with hair damaged from excessive dye?

SM: They should first take a break from dyeing their hair for a while before deep conditioning it.

AM: What credentials and licenses do you have in fields related to hair styling?

SM: I am a qualified hair technologist (not a hairstylist), and I am familiar with all the procedures involved in producing and gathering human hair from donors, as well as the industrial process, how to distinguish between different hair grades, which origins are best for various styles, etc.
An expert in this process is referred to as a hair technician. I learned how to style, make wigs, and ventilate hair on my own.

AM: How do you try to stay up-to-date on current hairdressing trends?

SM: This is simple for me because I now understand how to start a trend rather than just follow one.

AM: Have you ever experienced a situation where a client wasn’t happy with the finished look?
If so, how did you handle a case?

SM: I am not a hair stylist, so I can’t really point anything out.

AM: Why should anyone use your service or product?

SM: That’s a really lovely question.
One is that customers will receive excellent value for their money, long-lasting products that will help them preserve their appearance, and the greatest possible customer service.

AM: You started working in the hair and beauty industry several years ago, how has the industry changed since you began?

SM: It has undergone numerous changes.
People can distinguish between the many hair types and whether or not it is human hair, which makes our job simple.

AM: Any plans to come up with a new product line?

SM: Oh yes, it’s 80% done, and we are going to launch it very soon.

AM: What is your brand philosophy?

SM: To constantly offer high-quality hair and products at reasonable costs, together with customer service that makes each engagement with our brand satisfying for our customers.

AM: What are the 5 most popular beauty products you use?


  1. Neutrogena scrub
  2. Dove hair conditioner
  3. MAC foundation studio fix
  4. Bio-oil
  5. Olay sunscreen

AM: How long have you been in the Hairline business?

SM: My brand is currently 7 years old, having started in 2015.

AM: What are your 5 beauty do’s and don’ts?


The beauty do’s for me are:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Deep conditioning
  3. Exercising
  4. Steaming
  5. Scrubbing

The don’ts on the other hand are:

  1. Bleaching
  2. Using cheap products
  3. Having heavy makeup on daily

AM: Does everyone look better with weaved hair or wigs?

SM: Everyone can look good wearing weaves, for sure. The same cannot be said for wigs, though.

AM: If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible hair, what do you do?

SM: Well, this can’t happen because for photo shoots and shows we come knowing what to do and the model also comes knowing that she has to come in a specific style.

AM: Beauty Instagram profiles have become a major influence on the hair and beauty industry, but you keep yours quite personal, how important social platforms are for you?

SM: Yes, you’re correct that Instagram influencers are growing in popularity, but I chose to promote my brand on my own instead because it seemed more logical to do so.

AM: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you? (Provide your Instagram, website, and Facebook page if any please)

SM: You can follow us across all platforms @Natnahair.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Website

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Issa Rae Is Now the Co-Owner and Face of Sienna Naturals

To re-launch a brand with bigger and better products is one thing. But to return to the game with improved offerings and a big celebrity name is a feat very few beauty brands can brag about, especially when the said celebrity is none other than Issa Rae.

HBO’s hit show Insecure is known for its beautiful display of natural hairstyles thanks to creator and star Issa Rae. This week, the filmmaker announced she is now the co-owner and face of Sienna Naturals, a brand of natural hair care brand with clean ingredients.

Rae will join the team with founder and CEO Hannah Diop to work on expanding the collection and its customer base.

“I’ve known Hannah for a long time, and I got to see the brand evolve from her home. It’s expanded so much beyond that. The care and the research that has gone into this natural, safe, healthy brand, I knew that I wanted to be involved,” Rae said in a statement according to The Cut.

“We get coerced into manipulating our hair into styles not right for us or using damaging products,” Rae continued. “I have an opportunity to make hair care digestible via my sense of humor, my openness to my own hair struggle journey.”

Diop says she was happy to work with Rae and praised how she used Insecure to showcase the versatile beauty of Black hair.


“Sienna Naturals is not a company that is telling you how to wear your hair,” said Diop. “We believe in empowering our customers to be who they really are and have a product that supports them.”

Customers can add themselves to the waiting list to learn when the products will become available.

Content courtesy of Black Enterprise & Nairobi fashion hub

Top 20 Shopping Malls In Kenya

A shopping mall is a large enclosed shopping center. The 50s saw the emergence of the enclosed shopping mall, providing an end-to-end shopping and entertainment experience from food courts and theaters to shopping outlets  here are the best Shopping Malls In Kenya

Kenya Top Shopping Malls

  1. Garden City Mall
  2. Two Rivers
  3. The Village Market
  4. Westgate Shopping Mall
  5. The Junction Mall
  6. Sarit Centre
  7. Rosslyn Riviera Mall
  8. Galleria Shopping Mall
  9. T-Mall
  10. The Hub Karen
  11. Yaya Centre
  12. Maasai Mall
  13. Cedar Mall
  14. TRM – Thika Road Mall
  15. Buffalo Mall
  16. Nextgen Mall
  17. Juja City Mall
  18. Oasis Mall Malindi
  19. Mega City Mall
  20. City Mall Nyali


1. About Garden City Mall

Garden City is Kenya’s first integrated residential, retail and office (mixed-use) development, offering over 400 apartments, duplexes & family villas, an international shopping mall, 60,000 square meters of office space, a modern business hotel, and a state-of-the-art medical center. And at its heart, a three-acre central park, with a children’s play area and generous lawns and gardens.
Garden City Village gives you the best of all worlds: a lush, green escape from the urban hustle and bustle but with an array of entertainment and leisure activities at the mall, only footsteps away.

2. About Two Rivers

Two Rivers now the largest mall in sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa, has raised the status of Nairobi as the shopping destination in the region. Among its tenants are 18 food and beverage outlets, 10 banks, 38 fashion and apparel stores, and 13 health and beauty stores.

The Two Rivers experience caters to work providing modern spaces that help people save time, work efficiently with easy access to another part of town. These spaces also integrate green technologies and intelligent building management systems for effective, sustainable resource usage.

3. About The Village Market

The Village Market is a large shopping, recreation and entertainment complex in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. It accommodates over 150 stores outlets covering 210,000 square feet (20,000 m2) of retail space, 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) square feet of office space, in addition to recreation and entertainment facilities.

4. About Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Shopping Mall is East Africa’s leading destination for shopping and leisure. Attracting thousands of local and international visitors, Westgate houses over 80 shops and offers the best variety in Fashion, Entertainment, and services.

Shoppers are bound to enjoy various events to enhance their Lifestyle experience

5. About The Junction Mall

Since opening its doors in November 2004, The Junction Mall has become one of the most popular shopping malls in Nairobi owing to its rich offering and the expansive size that is home to over 115 leading local and international brands.

Outlets at The Junction offer a wide variety of goods and services. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you at The Junction Mall where it’s all about you.

6. About Sarit Center

Sarit Centre in Nairobi is the oldest shopping mall in Kenya located in the affluent Westlands suburbs. The Sarit Centre shopping mall in Nairobi was opened in 1983 and operated on a “city within a city” slogan.

This meant that the Sarit Centre mall in Kenya was running on a concept of providing basically everything all, is one of Nairobi’s busiest shopping centers, with a wide range of shops, restaurants, and amenities for all your daily needs.

7. About Rosslyn Riviera Mall

Rosslyn Riviera Mall is the perfect location for your business. The Mall focuses on offering consumers a variety of retailers, featuring clothing, fashion accessories, shoes & handbags, oriental home decor, high-end jewelry, electronics, wireless accessories, video equipment & games, hair salons, and much more. We also offer food and entertainment opportunities.

We offer both permanent and short-term leasing opportunities.

8. About Galleria Shopping  Mall

If you are looking for a shopping experience that will truly surpass your expectations, a dining destination with such rich variety it leaves you totally spoilt for choice or a lifestyle experience that is fully enriching and rewarding, then look no further than Galleria Shopping Mall, the home of the unlimited experience. Picture this; a breathtaking edifice with 3 floors of shopping, dining, and other lifestyle services standing on 12 acres of land, 550 parking bays, 250 capacity Food Zone, and a vibrant children’s play area, these and much more are designed to give you a stress-free, convenient, fun, and entertaining experience.

9. About T-Mall

T-Mall is a world of delight at the heart of Nairobi West of offering residents the very best of fashion, food, and fun. Whether you are looking for sophisticated fashion, a gourmet restaurant offering sizzling meals, or an elegant cafe to hang out with your friend

10. About The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen is a large shopping, recreation, and entertainment mall in Karen, an affluent suburb of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The mall was opened on February 4th, 2016. It now receives over 55,000 visitors per week. The mall is situated over 350,000 m2 featuring retail space, offices, medical facilities, and a gym.

It accommodates over 85 stores.

11. About Yaya Center

Yaya Centre in Kenya is one of the major shopping malls in Nairobi and the most preferred shopping mall for those people residing in the Hurlingham and Kilimani areas of Nairobi. Yaya Centre in Nairobi was put up in the late 1980s, and over the years, it has become one of the leading shopping malls in Nairobi

12. About Maasai Mall

The Maasai Mall. View our groundbreaking gallery here. Our mission is to Provide affordable modern buildings for both commercial and residential use. We engage professionals in all our endeavors and are proud to have worked with the best Architects, Quantity surveyor firms, Engineers, and contractors from all Required

13. About Cedar Mall

Cedar Mall once completed, will comprise an exciting and modern Two-Phase Shopping Centre consisting of over 18,000 Sqm located on the Rumuruti Road in the heart of Nanyuki.
Phase I of the shopping center is under construction and will consist of over 12,000 SqM of the highest quality retail space. Designed by renowned architect Bowman Associates to international standards, Phase I will consist of a major national supermarket, coffee shops, fashionable line shops, restaurants, and a food court, serviced by almost 300 parking spaces.

The second floor of the shopping center will provide a terrace bar and a boutique offering of office suites all with stunning views of Mount Kenya. Cedar Mall, which will be the largest shopping mall in Laikipia upon completion of Phase I, is all about experience, leisure, and lifestyle and is a place where people of all ages can spend the day under one roof.
Nanyuki lies along the Equator in the center of Kenya and has the largest urban population in Laikipia County – Cedar Mall has a primary catchment area within 3 km, of over 150,000, and a secondary catchment area of over 300,000. Laikipia region is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kenya and is full of game and nature reserves with a stunning array of wildlife, scenery, and diversity.

14. About TRM- Thika Road Mall

Thika Road Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in East Africa, with over 100 outlets featuring the best of Kenya’s shopping, eating, banking, and entertainment, along with numerous services and amenities for your everyday needs.

Whether you want to buy your weekly groceries at Nakumatt, do your banking, buy a unique gift for someone special, or give your children an unforgettable day’s entertainment, the Thika Road Mall has it all.

The Mall is easily accessible off the Thika Superhighway and has ample parking facilities and transport links. The mall also houses a state-of-the-art conference facility, ideal for exhibitions, conferences, and social events.

15. About Buffalo Mall

Buffalo Mall is the first modern shopping complex in Naivasha strategically located on the northwest edge of town adjacent to the Trans-African Highway. Buffalo Mall is built on an 18-hectare site and will cover a total of 22,210 square meters (gross built area) upon completion of all its three phases.

16. About Nextgen Mall

The Nextgen Mall is strategically located on the interchange of Mombasa Road and the Eastern bypass, only 5 Km from JKIA.
Very accessible from Langata, the City Centre, Industrial Area, and Mombasa Road.
Right next to Eka Hotel & Ole Sereni, overlooking the Nairobi National Park.

17. About Juja City Mall

Juja City Mall provides opportunities for over 140 specialty retail shops (including food courts) anchored by Tuskys, 750 free parking slots, and state-of-the-art security. All in all, Juja City Mall ensures a stress-free shopping experience within a family-friendly environment, hence becoming a one-stop-shop for the community

18. About Oasis Mall Malindi

Oasis Mall, centrally located on Sheikh Zayed Road, offers shoppers an engaging experience in a convenient shopping-friendly environment.

With 98 stores including kiosks, the mall has something for everyone. Spanning a total area of 1.44 million sq. ft. and retail space of about 1 million sq. ft. with shopping spread across

19. About Mega City Mall

Mega City Mall is one of the modern and largest shopping complexes in Kisumu city. Located along the Kisumu-Busia Road (Nairobi Highway) on Kisumu’s east side, Mega-City Kisumu is a modern shopping mall anchored by the largest outlet of Nairobi-based retail giant Nakumatt.

Mega-City is more than a market for goods, however. It is also an important endpoint for products that often originate well outside Kisumu and often in more distant places such as South Africa. Trade has been an essential activity that has connected different peoples all over the world for centuries, and South Africa and Kenya are no exception.

Countries like South Africa and Kenya produce precious commodities that are beneficial to themselves as well as to different nations in Africa and the world. This essay examines trade between Kisumu in Kenya, and South Africa, and thereby provides a backdrop for understanding how Mega City plays a key role in supplying various goods, commodities, and items from South Africa to Kisumu.

20. About City Mall Nyali

City Mall Nyali is Mombasa’s Premier retail mall. Its dominant presence attracts diverse shoppers from an extensive portion of the region, and further afield, with its comprehensive retail options.

City Mall offers a safe serene environment that feels like a home away from home for you and your loved ones to relax and have a bite from top brands in the country


Africa Largest and busiest Mall

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